1. J

    Tutorial 3 CMD commands to view if our PC is infected

    CMD commands are often useful to discover if our PC is infected or not. 1. tracert -d to view if there are problems during the communication with an host. 2. arp -a this command is important to view if someone has used our router ARP table (so if someone hacked our network). 3. dir C: attrib...
  2. A

    potential malware

    I included mbar log but im not very good at reading it, some help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. P

    Strange command prompt screen opening once or twice a day

    Hello this is my first post here so please let me know what I need to supply. I was referred to cross my post into this subforum. I have been trying to clean my computer since I started getting popups after installing a file from a torrent. It seems as though everything is gone besides a...
  4. D

    Solved Abnormal .msc error that requires As Admin?

    I guess above says it all. I was able to remove lots of infected files and so on because of my hero, the TwinHeadedEagle. I used the last time's experience on this case but it is a bit different as the AdWare can only detect the reg that keeps my words from the game or the game's foroum.
  5. C

    Solved Command prompt opens and closes.

    Hello sirs and good evening (just based the time in our country). I would like to request help from this website in removing malwares. My problem is stated in the "Current issues and symptoms" box but I will restate in more detailed way. As I was saying, the user is just using facebook to fancy...
  6. A

    A bunch of CMD s started running in background

    A bunch of CMD s started running in background while surfing the browser normally and it created a thousands of empty folders on the desktop so i freaked out and turned my pc off and when ever i open it again it never responds to any thing please help me if you can and if you need any more...
  7. Joan Maquinano

    Cmd opening/closing (after removal of youndoo virus)

    The uninstallment of my programs and other happenings may have happened before i followed the tutorial. But i'm worried that the malware is still persisting because of the cmd suddenly closing and opening about 1-3 times a day, and that it might still be affecting my files.