1. idunno

    BitDefender is not compatible with Malwarebytes?

    Well, I have always used AVG. I know its crappy so I decided to change it, I was going to Bitdefender's site and I downloaded the free anti-virus. But it says because I have Malwarebytes installed I cant install BitDefender. Now, can I install it without uninstalling Malwarebytes. I know its one...
  2. Handsome Recluse

    Q&A IObit Malware Fighter with other antiviruses

    Their description page says that it's compatible with other antiviruses. Has anyone tested it if it's really the case?
  3. S

    ESET Smart Security 9 and Adguard Certificate Errors (Workaround)

    I found a way to reduce 90% of the Adguard/ESET certificate errors. Go into services, and stop Adguard's service from running. Simply disabling protection by right clicking on the icon is not sufficient. If you stop the service, things start working again. This is with HTTPS scanning enabled on...
  4. S

    Q&A HMP.Alert (Paid) and Zemana's ID Theft Protection compatible or conflict?

    Quick question regarding the paid versions of HitmanPro.Alert and Zemana AL Premium. Would there be any compatibility issues between running HitmanPro.Alert (Paid) and Zemana AntiLogger 2 Premium with ID Theft enabled?
  5. S

    Q&A Looking for a compatible Security Suite if others have previously been installed.

    I am looking for a sceurity suite that will play relatively well with an OS that has previously had ESET Smart Security 9 and Emsisoft 11 on it without causung major system issues (leftovers). Also, If anyone has experience with Dragon Naturally Speaking v 14 that would be great. It's important...
  6. A

    AXtime machine now xeroweigth flashback compatibility norton or another security product

    Hi bros i adquire that program called AX time machine now flashback in my Windows 10 x64 i see it have some issues whith Norton, if i install first Norton it not backing up, but if i install first Norton and then time machine all ok What security products you use whith that soft. Its normal see...
  7. D

    How is Avast Free on Windows 10 working for you?

    Latest Avast Free Windows 10 64 TaskManager - Startup - Startup Impact shows "High". Do you see the same on your system?