1. dJim

    SECURE: Complete dJim Security Config 2019

    A update with no problems and ligth.

    SECURE: Complete Fallen's Laptop Security Config 2019

    Hello Everyone! This is my security configuration for gaming laptop. ESET Multi-Device Security license, also includes ESET's Windows (AV/IS), Mac, Android and Linux software products. I preferred only 1 device because, I don't need more ESET's products. Actually, my main product is KSC...
  3. superboy123

    SECURE: Basic superboy123 laptop config 2019

    This is my config in 2019

    SECURE: Complete Fallen's Security Config 2019

    Happy New Year Everybody! This is my 2019 configuration.
  5. Captain Awesome

    SECURE: Complete Captain Awesome 2019 Config

    2019 Config Happy New Year to all