1. Felipe Oliveira

    SECURE: Complete Felipe Oliveira's Security Config 2019

    Thanks! Any suggestions are welcome :D
  2. XhenEd

    SECURE: Complete XhenEd's Security Configuration 2019

    Hi guys! This is my 2019 Config. Enjoy! :)

    SECURE: Complete Fallen's Security Config 2019

    Happy New Year Everybody! This is my 2019 configuration.
  4. inuyasha

    SECURE: Complete inuyasha Security Config 2019

    made some changes since my last config in 2017

    SECURE: Complete Fallen's Laptop Config

    Hello Everyone! This is my latest security config for the Laptop. Pretty much all this. Anti-Malware, Firewall & Network Monitor and VPN. ExpressVPN extension including; Spoof your location (HTML5), Block WebRTC and HTTPS Everywhere. My main Desktop security config is here: SECURE...

    SECURE: Complete Fallen's Security Config 2019

    Hi there, This is my new configuration. I'm using an ASUS RT-AC68U. Hardware Firewall is on. By the way, my gaming ping is great (like 20-35 for Europe - 90-100 for US). ExpressVPN doesn't change anything. KSC extremely light on system resources. Just like a SEPC.. My Laptop security...
  7. S

    SECURE: Basic Stepseven84 security config

    Hello. This is my security setup. I use PC mainly for work.
  8. Black Wings

    SECURE: Complete Black Wings Config. Win and Linux Dual Boot

    I use the following software in Windows: Kaspersky Software Updater, Iobit Driver Booster, Soft Organizer And the following in both, Ubuntu and Win: LibreOffice, Xtreme Download Manager, PeaZip, Audacity, XnViewMP, Wavebox, VLC ... In my desktop computer (the one I'm writing from) I prefer to...
  9. T

    SECURE: Complete Tim one's security setup 2018

    Hi all :) Just an update of my old setup, F-Secure Safe performs very well and it is quite light on my system. OS images and data backups are stored also on external HDD and USB keys.
  10. Elpibe

    Q&A Firefox export about:config?

    Ok, i have a problem with my config with firefox browser. I doesnt happen in all the webs, but some webs miss text, videos, etc. in others i cant click links, like subforums. I try secure mode and nothing, i try with new profile and no problems. My main profile its configured since years of use...
  11. Daljeet

    SECURE: Basic Linux 2018 Security configuration

    DNS Norton dns Firewall Ufw VPN NordVPN (IKEV2/IPsec) Backup Few different O.S bootable USB Browser Firefox with Ublock origin , Https everywhere Chrome with True key Multilogin App Chrome is not for browsing it's for password manager only Security BIOS protection with password...
  12. ttto

    Android ttto's simple Samsung Galaxy S8 config

    Hi! Wanna know your opinions about my phone's config!:giggle:;)
  13. M

    Mextix Security Config

    My current configuration :)

    SKOGSDOTTER's Security Config

    Hi everyone, this is my security config, feel free to give me any suggestions :)
  15. pablozi

    Android pablozi Samsung Galaxy S8

    I've recently switched from iPhone 6S to Galaxy S8 so this is my simple config. Please do not suggest using any AV as this is a waste of resources in my opinion.
  16. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A HMPA + Comodo?

    I've been thinking of using Comodo in combination with HMPA and Zemana as a on-demand scanner. What do you think of that set up?
  17. Takemaster

    Takemaster's Security Setup

    Here is my my security config. Should I revise it? Thanks, and have a nice day! Edit: Enabled UAC and SmartScreen
  18. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A Second Try At Future Config: What Do You Think?

    After my first post on an attempt to create a better config, almost everyone disagreed with the config. After some thought and research, I realised that the configuration I presented was pretty stupid. Here is my second try at creating a possible future set up for myself. Let me know what you...
  19. Myrul Jihyn

    Myrul Jihyn Security Setup

    so this is my pc security configuration and i think its not a good configuration. just let me know if you have better idea for my security config. thanks
  20. R

    RXZ6Q's Meizu M2 Note 2017 Config

    OS: Flyme OS Anti-malware: avast!