1. Syafiq

    Android Syafiq's Redmi 3

    Yeah, my old phone... Redmi 3 still works well despite its age. No security update from xiaomi anymore (it's on Android 5.1), so i chose to install pixel experience rom for a more secure Android version, any suggestions would be valuable to me ;)
  2. Andrew3000

    SECURE: Complete Andrew3000's Security Config 2019

    Also using: Comodo Cleaning Essentials Process Explorer Autoruns GetSusp (From McAfee) MBR Filter (From Cisco) SysHardener ShadowDefender
  3. Penguin

    SECURE: Complete Penguin Security Config 2019

    Hello everybody! It's Jake again :) This is my current configuration thread. I know it's ordinary and probably weak, I am open to all kind of suggestions since I don't know much about security but I want to learn!! My PC is used mainly for gaming and Netflix, also social networking. And I tend...
  4. SeriousHoax

    SECURE: Complete SeriousHoax's Security Config 2019

    This is my current security configuration.
  5. Paul Lee

    SECURE: Basic Paul Lee's Minimal Security Config 2019

    Heya everyone, it's been a while since I updated my security config so I thought that there's no better time than the beginning of the year to do so. I'm always interested in everyone else's configs so I figured I would update mine. Any changes/recommendations are also welcome. Take care members...
  6. Robbie

    SECURE: Complete Roboman's Security Config 2019

    Happy new year everybody! This is my starting configuration in 2019 :) Dropping an angry cat picture for the record.

    SECURE: Complete Fallen's Laptop Config

    Hello Everyone! This is my latest security config for the Laptop. Pretty much all this. Anti-Malware, Firewall & Network Monitor and VPN. ExpressVPN extension including; Spoof your location (HTML5), Block WebRTC and HTTPS Everywhere. My main Desktop security config is here: SECURE...

    SECURE: Complete Fallen's Security Config 2019

    Hi there, This is my new configuration. I'm using an ASUS RT-AC68U. Hardware Firewall is on. By the way, my gaming ping is great (like 20-35 for Europe - 90-100 for US). ExpressVPN doesn't change anything. KSC extremely light on system resources. Just like a SEPC.. My Laptop security...
  9. Robbie

    Q&A Configure ESET Antivirus for Maximum Security (by RoboMan)

    If you're here you may probably have been delighted already by the majestic features of ESET :) Maybe the signatures convinced you? Great static detection for sure. In this thread I will guide you a bit on how to configure your ESET product for maximum security without compromising performance...
  10. N

    SECURE: Basic NikosNx's Security Configuration

    Hello again! Again, because I am Nikos751 and I needed to create a new account. Here is my configuration. I want a reliable and secure system so as the greek ancient philosopher Kleovoulos said, "Moderation is best".
  11. Aerdian

    SECURE: Complete Aerdian's Security Config 2018

    My current system security configuration. Please comment what you think and what you think I should change/add/remove, etc.
  12. feelsdabman

    Android feelsdabman's Mobile Config

    I want to avoid Google as much as I can. I plan to get the Librem 5 when it comes out, but until then, this is the best I could do in regards to my privacy. I disabled and uninstalled almost everything that came preinstalled. I don't even use the Google play store, I am now using F-Droid and...
  13. feelsdabman

    SECURE: Complete feelsdabman's Windows 10 Security Configuration

    I wanted to mitigate windows surveillance so I disabled as much as I can and used DestroyWindowsSpying to remove telementary, keyloggers, etc. I try to use open source software when I can so I know the software I'm using isn't fishy. I thought about switching to a Linux distro, but I just don't...
  14. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A Lineage OS: Thoughts replacing Google Play Store with Yalp Store and F-Droid?

    I plan to switch to Lineage OS. I also plan to replace the Google Play store with Yalp Store and F-Droid. In this case, would I be safe used Bitdefender feee, AdGuard for Android, and Prey?
  15. HijackedMals

    Q&A Question about the proper use of on-demand scanners

    Hello, i would like to ask if there would be any kind of problem thats having quite a few on demand scanners, currently on my pc i have zemana antilogger free,zemana antimalware, mbam,mbam anti rootkit,mbam adwarecleaner,mbam jrt tool, hitmanpro I would like to point out that none of them have...
  16. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A LineageOS: Possible Android config v2: Thoughts?

    I made a configuration a few weeks ago and wanted to hear peoples thoughts, it was mostly negative. Looking at it again I didn't like it either, so I thought I'd give this a second try. Main: Bitdefender Free, AFWall+, Prey, Xprivacy, AdAway, SuperSU Other but relevant: OpenVPN, bitwarden...
  17. Andy Ful

    Q&A ConfigureDefender utility for Windows 10

    ConfigureDefender utility for Windows 10. The actual ConfigureDefender installers' links (ver. for Windows 64-bit: AndyFul/ConfigureDefender for Windows 32bit: AndyFul/ConfigureDefender . ConfigureDefender utility is a GUI application to view and configure important Defender settings...