1. Andrew3000

    SECURE: Complete Andrew3000's Security Config 2019

    Also using: Comodo Cleaning Essentials Process Explorer Autoruns GetSusp (From McAfee) MBR Filter (From Cisco) SysHardener ShadowDefender
  2. Penguin

    SECURE: Complete Penguin Security Config 2019

    Hello everybody! It's Jake again :) This is my current configuration thread. I know it's ordinary and probably weak, I am open to all kind of suggestions since I don't know much about security but I want to learn!! My PC is used mainly for gaming and Netflix, also social networking. And I tend...
  3. SeriousHoax

    SECURE: Complete SeriousHoax's Security Config 2019

    This is my current security configuration. Nothing to serious. Just plain and simple with some additional browsers extensions. It gets the job done for me.
  4. Paul Lee

    SECURE: Basic Paul Lee's Minimal Security Config 2019

    Heya everyone, it's been a while since I updated my security config so I thought that there's no better time than the beginning of the year to do so. I'm always interested in everyone else's configs so I figured I would update mine. Any changes/recommendations are also welcome. Take care members...
  5. Robbie

    SECURE: Complete Roboman's Security Config 2019

    Happy new year everybody! This is my starting configuration in 2019 :) Dropping an angry cat picture for the record.

    SECURE: Complete Fallen's Laptop Config

    Hello Everyone! This is my latest security config for the Laptop. Pretty much all this. Anti-Malware, Firewall & Network Monitor and VPN. ExpressVPN extension including; Spoof your location (HTML5), Block WebRTC and HTTPS Everywhere. My main Desktop security config is here: SECURE...

    SECURE: Complete Fallen's Security Config 2019

    Hi there, This is my new configuration. I'm using an ASUS RT-AC68U. Hardware Firewall is on. By the way, my gaming ping is great (like 20-35 for Europe - 90-100 for US). ExpressVPN doesn't change anything. KSC extremely light on system resources. Just like a SEPC.. My Laptop security...
  8. Robbie

    Q&A Configure ESET Antivirus for Maximum Security (by RoboMan)

    If you're here you may probably have been delighted already by the majestic features of ESET :) Maybe the signatures convinced you? Great static detection for sure. In this thread I will guide you a bit on how to configure your ESET product for maximum security without compromising performance...
  9. N

    SECURE: Basic NikosNx's Security Configuration

    Hello again! Again, because I am Nikos751 and I needed to create a new account. Here is my configuration. I want a reliable and secure system so as the greek ancient philosopher Kleovoulos said, "Moderation is best".
  10. Aerdian

    SECURE: Complete Aerdian's Security Config 2018

    My current system security configuration. Please comment what you think and what you think I should change/add/remove, etc.
  11. feelsdabman

    Android feelsdabman's Mobile Config

    I want to avoid Google as much as I can. I plan to get the Librem 5 when it comes out, but until then, this is the best I could do in regards to my privacy. I disabled and uninstalled almost everything that came preinstalled. I don't even use the Google play store, I am now using F-Droid and...
  12. feelsdabman

    SECURE: Complete feelsdabman's Windows 10 Security Configuration

    I wanted to mitigate windows surveillance so I disabled as much as I can and used DestroyWindowsSpying to remove telementary, keyloggers, etc. I try to use open source software when I can so I know the software I'm using isn't fishy. I thought about switching to a Linux distro, but I just don't...
  13. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A Lineage OS: Thoughts replacing Google Play Store with Yalp Store and F-Droid?

    I plan to switch to Lineage OS. I also plan to replace the Google Play store with Yalp Store and F-Droid. In this case, would I be safe used Bitdefender feee, AdGuard for Android, and Prey?
  14. HijackedMals

    Q&A Question about the proper use of on-demand scanners

    Hello, i would like to ask if there would be any kind of problem thats having quite a few on demand scanners, currently on my pc i have zemana antilogger free,zemana antimalware, mbam,mbam anti rootkit,mbam adwarecleaner,mbam jrt tool, hitmanpro I would like to point out that none of them have...
  15. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A LineageOS: Possible Android config v2: Thoughts?

    I made a configuration a few weeks ago and wanted to hear peoples thoughts, it was mostly negative. Looking at it again I didn't like it either, so I thought I'd give this a second try. Main: Bitdefender Free, AFWall+, Prey, Xprivacy, AdAway, SuperSU Other but relevant: OpenVPN, bitwarden...
  16. Andy Ful

    Q&A ConfigureDefender utility for Windows 10

    ConfigureDefender utility for Windows 10. The actual ConfigureDefender installers' links (ver. for Windows 64-bit: AndyFul/ConfigureDefender for Windows 32bit: AndyFul/ConfigureDefender . ConfigureDefender utility is a GUI application to view and configure important Defender settings...
  17. M

    Mextix Security Config

    My current configuration :)