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    Microsoft Decoupling itself from Windows 10; Cortana beta appears in Microsoft Store

    Download: Get Cortana - Beta - Microsoft Store
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    Microsoft Alexa comes to Cortana on Windows 10 PCs (Public Preview for US)

    Cortana and Alexa become best friends as Windows 10 users can now use Alexa commands through Cortana! Read more: Alexa integration comes to Cortana on Windows 10 PCs
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    Extension EdgeDeflector for W10 Web & Cortana: Force-open web links into Your default browser

    Add-on for Windows 10 OS, not browser-specific. See HowToGeek link below for instructions. Download latest release: da2x/EdgeDeflector Read more about how EdgeDeflector works and why it was created. Via How to Make Cortana Search with Google and Chrome Instead of Bing and Edge
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    Apple iOS Microsoft Cortana Assistant for iPad with native support

    Microsoft Cortana Assistance now supports iPad devices Cortana on the App Store via Microsoft's Cortana Assistant Now Available on iPad Microsoft today updated its Cortana app for iOS with native iPad support. The design looks essentially the same as the iPhone version, but with an interface...
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    Themes Cortana Visualizations now available in Windows Store

    Little known fact: In her spare time, Cortana is an artist. This free, 4-set theme for Windows turns waveform data from Cortana's searching sound into evocative abstract images. Download Cortana Visualizations - Microsoft Store How to Apply Theme: Go to Settings > Personalisation > Themes To...
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    Tutorial How to uninstall and remove Cortana in Windows 10

    Microsoft added a digital assistant in Windows 10 called Cortana which can recognise your voice and do some things for you like giving you information or automating some tasks. But while it is nice to have for fun, it is far from being a seriously useful, powerful tool compared to what you can...
  7. SpartacusSystem

    Windows 10 [Britec09] How to Disable Cortana in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

    How to Disable Cortana in Windows 10 Anniversary Update If you are like me and have no use for Cortana, you going to want to disable it completely. There are two ways to disable Cortana. 1. Registry Tweak and 2. Group Policy Editor. If you have Windows 10 Home, you are going to need to use the...
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    Any Cortana settings to hide desktop pop-ups?

    Are there any ways to remove this from the desktop, without removing Cortana?
  9. Logethica

    Windows 10 Chatty Cortana Lets Strangers Use Your PC

    Chatty Cortana Lets Strangers Use Your PC: SOURCE: laptopmag.com (ARTICLE DATE: 12th Aug 2016) Microsoft's Cortana digital assistant for Windows 10 can help you set a reminder, email your boss or check the weather, but could she also help a malefactor gain access to your data? With the...
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    Windows 10 My experience with the cross-platform Cortana personal assistant

    What's the purpose of a Digital Personal Assistant that ties with your Windows 10 desktop, when you cannot use it on-the-go? Cortana has been in Beta for several months on Android and iOS in USA and China only.
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    What features of Cortana do you use?

    Cortana is your clever new personal assistant! 1. Yes - I use Hey Cortana, Find Flight in Messages, Taskbar Tidbits For the best experience of Cortana on Windows 10, it allows personalised experience, voice activation "Hey Cortana", permission-based access to your Location, Messaging, Speech...