1. upnorth

    Discuss Cryptocurrency?

    Just saw an article on Ars Technica that made me wonder how good and secure Cryptocurrency actually is. Maybe too secure some times as one so called Cold Wallet is at the moment holding back assets on more then $137 million. The QuadrigaCX message from the board of directors. QuadrigaCX...
  2. v3n00m

    Q&A Service CPU full usage

    Hi all this is my first post and hope to anserd me Is there a service on windows 10 to determine the full usege of the processor? Such as the Crypto Mining problem, i need your advice and if i have misunderstand for this issue correct me.
  3. Thales

    Q&A Do you use Bitcoin?

    Hi, I would like to ask you about the Bitcoin. Do you use it or not? Pro and Con. Tell us what you think about it!
  4. S

    Crypto-currencies banned in Pakistan

    Source: Cryptocurrencies have been banned in Pakistan
  5. S

    Q&A Which extensions can Prevent Cryto-mining Websites without an Ad-Blocker?

    Not everyone uses an Ad-blocking extension or app, whether it be by choice or lack of availability. So I wanted to find out if there are any dedicated extensions that can help. What are some trustworthy and effective dedicated extensions that prevent crypto-currency mining on websites? Here's...
  6. D

    Is cryptocurrency mining malware the new adware?

    Is cryptocurrency mining malware the new adware?
  7. Logethica

    Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Security- The Full Story

    Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Security- The Full Story: Understanding Blockchain & Cryptocurrency - Blockchain: A blockchain consists of blocks that hold timestamped batches of valid transactions. Each block includes the hash of the prior block in the blockchain, linking the two. The linked...
  8. frogboy

    Security Alert The DAO is under attack, a third of its ether reserves stolen

    The DAO, a digital Decentralised Autonomous Organisation that has been set up to support projects related to Ethereum, a public blockchain platform that allows programmable transactions, has been hit by unknown attackers that are draining its ether (cryptocurrency) reserves. Users who have...