1. Seyyed Akram

    Discuss F-Secure combined with Cylance?

    Hello! What do you think of this combo? Is it over-killing in some aspects? I am open to your suggestions.
  2. M

    Security Alert Powerful new APT discovered

    Powerful new APT discovered Cylance researchers discover powerful new nation-state APT | CSO Online
  3. Hawaii007

    SECURE: Complete Hawaii Security Setup

    I wanted a light system for Home and Work with good security.
  4. D

    Update Cylance Smart Antivirus

    Cylance Smart Antivirus is the first next-generation antivirus available to consumers and provides families with the only enterpriseclass security software designed for personal use. Using artificial intelligence, Cylance Smart Antivirus eliminates the need for updates and popups while it...
  5. D

    Lawyers, malware, and money: The antivirus market’s nasty fight over Cylance

  6. D

    Cylance Commissioned Test with AV-Test

    Please keep it mind it is a commissioned test (aka made in concert with Cylance). There the Answered of the other vendors used for this test (which din't even know they were involved) Vendors respond to Cylance's new testing methods with AV-TEST Please note that Cylance is based on the "AI"...
  7. D

    Security Alert 14 cutting edge firms funded by the CIA

    LOOOOOOOOOOOL at Cylance !!!! :p
  8. TheGerman

    TheGerman & its Beer

    Well well, the German and its Beer; - and no, I do not like my Beer warm :-( -it is typical to have a beer during lunch (not sure why it isn't allowed in the US) - chatting, eating and have a great time... what's not to like Cheers, Gerhard