1. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A Is it safe to use Tor on my host?

    I thought I would be using Ubuntu as my host by now, but long story short, I haven't been using it in a VM as often as I should have. It won't be long from now till I am duel-booting Ubuntu with Windows. But I was wondering, would it be safe to use tor on my Ubuntu machine? Note that on the same...
  2. L

    What os should I use on Tor to stay secure?

    I want to see what the deep web has to offer and I want to keep my baby secure.... (My laptop... very expensive) I do know a bit about staying secure on tor but one thing I am not 100% on is the os I should use when browsing the deep web. Should I be using a usb? Should I be using a vm? Or...
  3. L

    Is TOR good enough?

    Say you wanna use tor with Qubes on a usb. Do you think the tor network is good enough to keep you anonymous? Or would you take more steps to anonymize yourself? If so what else would you do?
  4. Logethica

    UK: 14% of 18-24 year olds have browsed "Dark Web"

    THE 2016 KENT CYBER SECURITY SURVEY: "This is the Third Edition of the traditional Kent Cyber Security Research Centre’s Annual Survey. In it, we try to get responses and figures from the UK public to assess their experiences, practices and opinions regarding a number of cybersecurity related...
  5. frogboy

    Dark web mapping reveals that half of the content is legal

    A recent global survey commissioned by the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) showed that seven in ten (71%) global citizens say the “dark net” – “an area of the internet only accessible via special web browsers that allow you to surf the web anonymously” – should be shut...