1. alicex0

    Solved high amount of computer issues, have had for months..

    I've been working on my computer issues for month now on and off, i thought I had everything resolved but then I did a farbar scan and it's showing sign of more malware. please help :\
  2. frogboy

    Security Alert Expected cyber threats over the next six months

    With recent large-scale cyber attacks signaling a growing front in destructive threats and business impact, a new midyear report from iDefense, part of Accenture Security, reveals how threat actors are continuing to evolve their ability to avoid detection. The 2017 Cyber Threatscape Report...
  3. Mr.NoName

    Anti DDoS Guardian

    Hello, everyone! Does anyone heard about this little program "Anti DDoS Guardian" and if there is someone that test it let me know! Program website : Anti DDoS Software for 64 | 32 bits Windows Servers Free Downloads! Some info from the website: Stop SYN flood, TCP flood, UDP flood, ICMP...
  4. Spawn

    Malware Alert 9000 malware-infected Servers, Interpol

    A cybersecurity operation run out of the Interpol Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) here has uncovered more than 9,000 malware-laden servers and hundreds of compromised websites in the Asean region, including government portals. Interpol says investigations are ongoing.
  5. frogboy

    WordPress now come with encryption

    Kaspersky Lab experts have noted an emerging trend – a growth in the number of attacks using encryption. Such attacks are highly effective due to the difficulty in identifying them amongst the overall flow of clean requests. Recently, the company encountered yet more evidence of this trend – an...
  6. Spawn

    Security Alert BlackNurse, DDoS Attack from a Single Laptop

    A new DDoS attack method called BlackNurse has been discovered by security researchers, which allows hackers to launch large-scale attacks with less effort than is required for traditional DDoS attacks. BlackNurse also provides attackers with the ability to take down severs and firewalls with...
  7. frogboy

    Security Alert Problems Reappear for IoT Devices Owners with Discovery of New DDoS Trojan

    Security researchers discovers IRCTelnet malware A new malware family written by what appears to be an experienced coder is aiming for Linux-based IoT devices, with the main purpose of adding those devices to a botnet and carrying out DDoS attacks. Discovered by security researcher...
  8. Andra Zaharia

    This Is Probably Why Half the Internet Shut Down Today [Updating]

    I've seen some issues myself. How about you? I'm really interested in following the consequences of this attack.
  9. Spawn

    PoodleCorp claim responsibility for DDoS against EA servers

    Electronic Arts, EA Servers Down? PoodleCorp claims it DDoSed Gaming Giant Find out more: EA+Servers+DDOS
  10. frogboy

    Security Alert Aussie Stats Bureau Takes Site Offline After DDoS

    The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) was forced to take its census website offline overnight after suffering several DDoS attacks. The five-yearly census suffered three attacks during Tuesday local time and then after 7.30pm was hit by a major fourth barrage, which it said coincided with a...
  11. conceptualclarity

    Did Orbit Downloader ever clean up its act? (botnets--yikes!)

    Orbit Downloader - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia :
  12. J

    Why DDoS is far from dead

    Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks that are carried out by a botnet (a network of compromised computers) to overwhelm the processing power of the victim computer, effectively taking it out of commission, have been around for a while. Peaking in 2000 with high profile attacks against...