1. Correlate

    Ending Soon SafeDNS Safe Home

    Sign up for SafeDNS Safe @ Home Internet Filter for 3 years for free. A great tool for parents who want to control internet access for their children. SafeDNS Internet Filter is a great tool for parents who want to control their children's online access. Using the service allows you to protect...
  2. M

    Q&A Boundary Protection

    What are you guys using for Boundary Protection? DNS Firewall/UTM VPN
  3. cyberfort

    Discuss Cloudflare DNS + DNSCrypt vs Free VPN

    Hi all i was using windscribe vpn (60 gb per month promo) but recently i have been noticing that the it is consuming to much of speed for it self and the apps i am using get very low speed or chunk of data i wanted to move to an alternative so i have moved to cloudflare + dnscrypt i want to...
  4. CyberTech

    Microsoft Microsoft Confirms Windows Update Issue on Windows 10 Version 1809

    UPDATE: Microsoft says the bug was fixed in late January and explains that bad DNS settings were indeed to blame. You should now wait a few more days until the DNS configuration applies to your Internet connection, after which Windows Update will work normally. Original story below. Microsoft...
  5. lowdetection

    Android DNS Hero

    DNS Hero let you inspect DNS zones easily. This app will give you information about the root nameserver, nameservers associated with the domain and various other DNS records (A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, TXT, SOA). You can also view the domain health as a diagnostic is run. Built using the Zone Vision...
  6. yitworths

    Q&A Which public DNS do you prefer in 2018?

    There are plenty of public DNS out there. But which one do you prefer most & why?
  7. M

    Q&A What is the best way to filter Adult content?

    Right now the only viable option that i found was through DNS web filtering. I am currently using Norton ConnectSafe. I have also tried cleanbrowsing.org but the problem with using that is it also forces safe mode on YouTube and I cant see the comments section, which is annoying. I need a...
  8. yitworths

    Q&A DNS Spoofability Test of Some Well-known Public DNS

    Today, I've just tested some public dns for their susceptibility to Kaminsky-style spoofing & got some interesting results.Now,I would like to share those results to other members of MT & would like to get some analysis,comments or feedbacks. & if possible please tell what dns server you use &...
  9. CyberTech

    Extension Configure DNS Over HTTPS in Firefox

    Configure DNS Over HTTPS in Firefox DNS over HTTPS is a relatively new feature to improve the privacy, security and connection reliability of DNS look-ups; the feature is currently in draft status and tested by companies such as Google, Cloudflare or Mozilla. DNS resolves play an important...
  10. giulia

    Android giulia Mobile Config

    hi i wonder if i can change dns when i use Mobile Data on my smartphone i can do it very easly under wifi , but very often i use Mobile Data and i haven't found a solution to use custom dns the point is to use open dns family or other dns to block some sites, violent, porno , guns in short...
  11. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A What DNS should I be using?

    I care about securty, privacy, and anonymity. Which DNS servers do you recommend?
  12. askalan

    askalan's - Powered by own DNS-Server, Tor and Linux!

    Removed Whoopsie and Apport for disabling telemetry with this command: "sudo apt purge whoopsie apport".
  13. kumarsinhasingh

    Help me to takedown this Malware Hosting (domain) DNS

    Hello guys i am a big fan of Internet Security related things. I am not professional and Special IT guy. But with all my potential i used to hunt malware and report to Virustotal and sometimes make DNS abuse report to DNS owner to block and terminate hacker from connections. My main goal is to...
  14. K

    Q&A Should I stop using Google Public DNS Service, or not?

    Hello everyone. Thank you for accessing this thread. Would you give me some answers for resolving my question? I'm having a question about using Public DNS Service. The focal point is the keeping privacy of myself. I am contracting a small cable-TV company in my hometown for connecting...
  15. D

    Tutorial Protect Yourself Against MITM Attacks

    ok, everybody here knows about malwares, Avs , etc... but there is an area we don't talk enough , datas protection. One well known attack is called MITM aka Man In The Middle Attack: Man-in-the-middle attack - Wikipedia so what to do to counter it ? basically you have to secure the...
  16. 0136d0n

    Help Me Decide OpenDNS & Adguard's Safe Browsing

    Thanks in advance :)
  17. Logethica

    Anti-Phishing through DNS Greylisting

    “Foghorn” takes users out of phish-fighting with DNS “greylisting”: SOURCE: arstechnica.com (ARTICLE DATE: 1 Sep 2016) Eric Rand and Nik Labelle have been working on software that takes humans completely out of the loop in phishing defense by giving clicks on previously unseen domains a time...
  18. pablozi

    Update Adguard DNS (beta)

    All our users know how to block ads. Be it Windows, Android, Mac or iOS – you simply install Adguard app, and the ads are gone. But now there is a different, yet very simple way to filter ads – Adguard DNS. Probably, not everyone knows what exactly is DNS and how it can help us to block ads...
  19. O

    Browser can't connect to internet after removing malware

    Every browsers (chrome, mozilla, ie) won't connect to the wifi after I removed some malwares using an app I downloaded here (forgot what it was). Everytime I open google chrome and try to run it, it says the server DNS adress could not be found. Please help I have tried using frst but I'm not...