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    Solved DHCPNameServer malware that keeps reappearing.

    I have been working on a friend of mines computer, at my house instead of hers. I had done all of the virus/malware removal with no network connected in safe mode and normal mode. When I connect the desktop to a network it is from me doing an adhoc share from my linux laptop. As soon as I saw...
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    Trojan.Powelik, I think. COM Surrogate in Task Manager

    Hello, I've seen you solve other people's problem with this difficult malware. I would be extremely grateful if you could work the same magic for me. Thank you in advance. Loronin
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    Compare Protection Which DNS would you choose for Security and Content blocking?

    I would like to add a second opinion Content and Malware blocking on top of my Sophos UTM. Giving that speculation which DNS would you choose? Norton DNS Comodo DNS Open DNS Fools DNs