1. Panny

    Update MiniTool Releases a Free YouTube Downloader – MiniTool uTube Downloader

    Vancouver, British Columbia, August 21, 2019 -- MiniTool® Software Ltd has released MiniTool uTube Downloader for users who want to download or convert YouTube videos. It is a free YouTube downloader which makes it easy to download & convert YouTube videos to mp4 in HD and other file formats...
  2. A

    Update IDM now supports downloading from Vivaldi

    The latest version of IDM (6.31 Build 7) now supports Vivaldi. IDM will catch the download links from Vivaldi.
  3. conceptualclarity

    Q&A Best software to enable changing "Date Modified"?

    It seems like I've seen about software that does this, but bypassed it because I didn't yet perceive the need for it. I just downloaded a video with Ant Download Manager to my crowded desktop. I had a very difficult time finding it, because it put a completely erroneous "Date Modified" on it...
  4. J

    Android Android Artemis virus ASUS ZenFone2

    Hi all, For a month or two now I have had a pop up virus on my phone that I can't seem to delete as it is supposedly located in the android download manager ( according to McAfee and AVG). The virus ( apparently a Trojan ) causes constant pop ups of adds on my browser and can be stopped...
  5. Siraj

    Best Alternative Download Manager of IDM

    its Eagle Get...
  6. B

    Help Me Decide Free Download Manager vs EagleGet

    My trial of IDM is over. I'm about to switch to a free one. And I'm wondering which one should I choose between FDM and EagleGet... So, which is the better in your opinion?
  7. Petrovic

    EagleGet - Update Thread

    EagleGet STABLE is released Changlog: Added a workaround for youtube(support VEVO). Download Source