1. jackuars

    Xtreme Download Manager (XDM) 2018

    So I've been monitoring this software for over 2 years and was impressed at it's pace of development. I've been sticking myself to either EagleGet or IDM over this time period as they were better. But right now the time is right for the big switch as XDM has now implemented multiple queue's in...
  2. A

    potential malware

    I included mbar log but im not very good at reading it, some help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. P

    Strange command prompt screen opening once or twice a day

    Hello this is my first post here so please let me know what I need to supply. I was referred to cross my post into this subforum. I have been trying to clean my computer since I started getting popups after installing a file from a torrent. It seems as though everything is gone besides a...
  4. Elpibe

    Q&A How to download a web page?

    Ok, this is a problem that i couldnt solve in the last year... I want to download a web in my PC to watch it Offline whenever i want. The problem is, a screenshot (or save page option) is not enough, because the page have a lot of links to other threads, sub-links in those threads, images...
  5. Bryan Lam

    Extension The Lifesaving Chrome Extension

    So, with the onslaught of virus', there are always new ways people get infected, whether it's through 0days, crypted files, file pumpers... This chrome extension by Metadefender automatically scans files you download through their virus scanner. This is very similar to virustotal and just...
  6. S

    Q&A Official source of 7-zip?

    Hey Guys, What is the official source of 7-zip? I am just finishing a clean install of Windows 7 Pro SP1 that ended up taking 48 hours b/c Windows Update kept hanging on "Checking for Updates". I remember there was a scandal about Sourceforge a few years ago, and I was told not to download...