1. Thirio

    Q&A Thoughts on Dr Web?

    I cannot find any lab results regarding Dr Web. Some people speak highly of it so i'm interested to know more about it. I've used the Cureit! scanner a couple times it seemed kind of slow but picked up some trojan threats other big names missed. 1. Where does it stand among top products today...
  2. M

    Video Dr Web Katana Behaviour Blocker Test

    Hi all, This is a test of Dr. Web KATANA. No signatures, no problem? Well Dr. Web seem to think so, but lets take a look & double check ;) Thanks for watching, more videos coming soon!
  3. M

    Video Dr Web Security Space Review

    Hi all, This is a Review of Dr. Web Security Space. Should I trust my Doctor? Well lets see if you can trust Dr. Web... Thanks for watching, hopefully you've enjoyed & more videos coming soon!
  4. S

    Dr.Web LinkChecker - Blocks Ads, Plugins and Tracking

    Dr.Web LinkCheckers is a free plug-in that allows you to scan web pages and files downloaded from the Internet. Install the plug-in for your browser, and enjoy virus-free web surfing! Scans web pages before they are opened Warns users of social networking web-sites about following links to...