1. S

    Q&A Are these the only Edge extensions available?

    Click on Extensions in Edge and you'll be taken to Windows Store app. Without enabling the Developer mode (which may pose a risk), are these the ONLY extensions to pick from for Edge? You can access Developer mode from about:flags in Edge.
  2. Cohen

    Extension uBlock Origin released on Microsoft Store for Edge

    Keep in mind that the add-on is currently a preview build so there may be some bugs; Report bugs and other issues at Issues · nikrolls/uBlock-Edge · GitHub
  3. D

    Microsoft is working on a tool to port Chrome extensions to Edge

  4. Jack

    Microsoft Accidentally Launches Edge Browser Extensions Website

    Microsoft has recently published online what seems to be the central hub for extensions that can run on Edge, the new Windows 10 browser which replaces Internet Explorer as the default option in the new OS. We’ve known for a while that Microsoft is working on extensions and the company itself...