1. Handsome Recluse

    What are the advantages of email clients/web?

    What are the advantages of both in terms of efficiency, security, bandwidth, convenience, ease of implementation for extra protections, etc.?
  2. conceptualclarity

    ISP spam filter mercilessly goes after MT & other legit emails

    Ever since the transition over a year ago after my longtime internet service provider sold its assets in my area to another company, I have had great trouble with the spam filtering. The ISP spam filtering traps huge numbers of perfectly legitimate emails that I don't want kept from my Inbox...
  3. Rishi

    ZapFraud anti-email scammer

    I stumbled upon this while browsing: ZapFraud It seems like a unique patent-pending anti-scammer/anti-email phising service for Gmail,Yahoo,Outlook and hotmail accounts.All you have to do is register and they will enable the service. It's free for 6 months. More information(privacy/doubts)...