1. Gandalf_The_Grey

    Security Alert Extortion Emails on the Rise: A Look at The Different Types

    Since 2018, a constant stream of extortion email scams have been targeting users with fake threats designed to scare you into sending a payment in bitcoins to avoid an embarrassing leak or threat of legal action. These extortion emails are being sent through large spam botnets or through smaller...
  2. Handsome Recluse

    Update Easy, Fast, Burner Email Addresses

    How Burnermail works By using Burner addresses, you will never have to give out your personal email ever again. Instead, Burnermail generates a unique and anonymous email for every service you sign up with, making it really hard for companies and advertisers to track you online. The burner...
  3. giulia

    Q&A looking for email client , do you know and trust of Mailspring?

    hi i 'm looking for an email client to replace thunderbird (just because it's so slow) i found an open source program Nylas Mail , open source at least what seems now replaced by Mailspring well do you know these email clients ? have you used them? and do you trust of them? i would like to...
  4. conceptualclarity

    Help Me Decide Best webmail alternative to Gmail for the privacy-minded

    Google is an extremely politicized corporation, and I want to have as little as possible to do with them. (What a shame they've got YouTube.) I want to get off GMail. (Actually I only use it as a secondary email. I prefer a freestanding application for my primary email.) So what's a good...
  5. frogboy

    Malware Alert Hackers Hijack Ongoing Email Conversations to Insert Malicious Documents

    A group of hackers is using a sophisticated technique of hijacking ongoing email conversations to insert malicious documents that appear to be coming from a legitimate source and infect other targets participating in the same conversational thread. This type of attack relies on hackers...
  6. rockstarrocks

    Cisco and McAfee decide users just can't be trusted not to click on dodgy attachments

    Cisco's adding McAfee's Advanced Threat Defense to platforms supported by its Email Security Appliance platform. The alliance is designed to make integration between the two systems easy – the Advanced Threat Defence (ATD) e-mail connector is a single checkbox in the McAfee UI, plus selecting...
  7. conceptualclarity

    Thunderbird quits responding to my mouse, quite suddenly!

    Thunderbird has worked very well for me for weeks, although lately I've been getting a lot of interminable Unresponsive Script Notification windows. I've been taking advantage of Thunderbird's ability to have multiple tabs open, but have come to regret it. Last night I opened a second Inbox tab...
  8. conceptualclarity

    Want a non-browser-based email client if Thunderbird continues to stink

    Outlook Express was becoming hopelessly dysfunctional, so I installed Thunderbird Sunday night. As of Wednesday the darn thing was still downloading my Inbox over and over and over again, eating up way too much of my processing power. Today I uninstalled Thunderbird and reinstalled it anew. This...
  9. Handsome Recluse

    What are the advantages of email clients/web?

    What are the advantages of both in terms of efficiency, security, bandwidth, convenience, ease of implementation for extra protections, etc.?
  10. conceptualclarity

    ISP spam filter mercilessly goes after MT & other legit emails

    Ever since the transition over a year ago after my longtime internet service provider sold its assets in my area to another company, I have had great trouble with the spam filtering. The ISP spam filtering traps huge numbers of perfectly legitimate emails that I don't want kept from my Inbox...
  11. conceptualclarity

    Slypheed email--anyone have experience with this program?

    This is a Japanese program available in English. I need to get out of Outlook Express. I'm thinking about Thunderbird, but I just ran across this on Major Geeks. It's supposed to be similar to Outlook Express, which is what I like and am accustomed to. I definitely want to go with an...
  12. ~HaymarN~

    Troubleshoot Email help

    I forgot my email password years ago. And I need it back because all emails are being sent to that and all "forgot password " link emails send to that. And I can't just tell websites and games to change the email. So help me!!!!!!! Or give me a solution for that Choose a reward i can have...
  13. S

    Consider Disabling Attachment Preview & Reading Preview panes in Outlook for added security (0-days)

    Securing Microsoft Outlook on the Windows PC (may also be applicable for Mac users). I am unaware of any currant threats against Outlook Desktop Client, however: With all of the current threats, especially spam, Ransomware, malicious documents, .zip attachments, and even iframes and JavaScript...
  14. Captain Awesome

    40 million User Data from Adult Social Network Emerges on Dark Net

    ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER MASSIVE DATA AVAILABLE FOR SALE ONLINE — THIS TIME, IT’S FROM FLING ADULT DATING SITE. Fling.com (NSFW), an adult social network has apparently been hacked and as a result login credentials of 40,769,652 registered users have been stolen and available for sale on the Dark Web...
  15. kev216

    The man who invented the Email, Ray Tomlinson passes away at 74

    Source: The man who invented the Email, Ray Tomlinson passes away at 74 Let us observe a moment of silence for Ray Tomlinson who invented email Millions of email users exist today thanks to the efforts of Ray Tomlinson, who is regarded as one of the early ARPAnet pioneers in the 1960s at...
  16. S

    Q&A Should I delete my old received/sent emails?

    From a security and privacy perspective, would it be a good idea to delete Emails I have Received over a year ago, including Sent and Drafts? What are your thoughts on this matter? Edit: Change to multiple votes, 2 maximum.