1. upnorth

    Discuss The Myth of Consumer-Grade Security

    Quote : " The Department of Justice wants access to encrypted consumer devices but promises not to infiltrate business products or affect critical infrastructure. Yet that's not possible, because there is no longer any difference between those categories of devices. Consumer devices are critical...
  2. H

    Security Alert Trump administration considering banning end-to-end encryption

    The Trump administration is considering the possibility of banning end-to-end encryption, as used by services like Apple’s Messages and FaceTime, as well as competing platforms like WhatsApp and Signal.
  3. S

    Discuss Fears over Google's new Encrypted Chrome

    Mod: Moved from News Read more: Broadband companies and government to hold talks over new Google Chrome Source: Warning over Google Chrome browser’s new threat to children
  4. Thales

    Q&A Would you use 7zip to encrypt important files before upload them?

    Hi I would like to know your opinion about using 7zip to encrypt files and upload them to the cloud. With 7Zip it's so easy to update the files in the "container". Faster and easier than with veracrypt IMO. PS: I love and use veracrypt and Bitlocker too, so no hate here! :)
  5. A

    Discuss WPA3 doubts

    Hello, I am new to the cybersecurity world and I am trying to be self taught. I came across the new WPA3 specifications and I was trying to answer myself some questions but even more doubts rose. So, I would really appreciate it if someone could give me a hand, if they know the answer, or point...
  6. upnorth

    The Importance of Protecting Privacy and Integrity of Data and Communications

    IEEE Position Statement In Support of Strong Encryption
  7. S

    Twitter testing encrypted DMs

    Read more: Twitter has an unlaunched ‘Secret’ encrypted messages feature "Twitter has established one of the most open messaging mediums. But without encryption, those messages are subject to snooping by governments, hackers or Twitter itself."
  8. upnorth

    Subvert Backdoored Encryption

    Pdf : Subvert Backdoored Encryption
  9. Faybert

    Update VeraCrypt 1.22 encryption software update released

    Article source: VeraCrypt 1.22 encryption software update released - gHacks Tech News
  10. D

    Q&A Best route for FDe for Small Business

    Hello all, I am in need of some advice and possible recommendations in regards to Full Data Encryption for a Small Business in our particular situation. My boss isn't overly tech savvy and does not currently have Data Encryption setup for any devices (IE Desktops, Laptops) in our office. In our...
  11. Thales

    "Mr. Nobody" Officially Joined

    Hi there I've been following the malwaretips for 2 years. Now it was the time to register and join officially. I love the security and encryption over everything and I have been using computer for almost 20 years. After I realizted how weak was my data protection I started to learn more and...
  12. upnorth

    Off-Topic FBI Can’t Break The Encryption On Texas Shooter’s Smartphone

    Quote : " The Federal Bureau of Investigation has not been able to break the encryption on the phone owned by a gunman who killed 26 people in a Texas church last Sunday. " We are unable to get into that phone, " FBI Special Agent Christopher Combs said in a press conference yesterday. Combs...
  13. frogboy

    A step toward practical quantum encryption over free-space networks

    Researchers have sent a quantum-secured message containing more than one bit of information per photon through the air above a city. The demonstration showed that it could one day be practical to use high-capacity, free-space quantum communication to create a highly secure link between...
  14. StriderHunterX

    Q&A What's the Best HDD Encryption software?

    I've been looking high and low for a HDD encryption software. I want to try it on my personal laptop first,so I could then mount a case for corporate implementation.We have a lot of mobile users that carry sensitive data around and I want to make sure that in any situation(like car...
  15. frogboy

    Germany Ready to Undermine Encryption in Terror Fight

    Germany has become the latest Western nation to signal its intent to undermine encryption in the name of preventing terrorism. Central and state-level ministers have apparently expressed dismay that terrorists are using apps such as WhatsApp and Signal to communicate out of the reach of the...
  16. Tiamati

    Help Me Decide Compare Encryption

    Hi! I just realized that Steganos SAFE 17 used to have the 384-bit AES-XES encryption, but is has added option for AES 256 bit in SAFE 18 (according to this). Mostly vault programs uses 256 bit encryption, so i would like to know if the 384-bit AES-XES encryption is better and saffer than...
  17. S

    "Unbreakable" UHD Blu-ray AACS 2.0 Encryption Cracked?

    Read more at 'First Pirated Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disk' Appears Online. AACS 2.0 Cracked? - TorrentFreak