1. R

    Android Which Android antivirus has the best detection rate?

    This should be rather a simple question (based on many of the tests done by independent companies, etc...). Which one of them has the best detection ratio? I don't use any antivirus on my Android, but I like to install some "on-demand" scanner from time to time, just to make sure, so which one...
  2. giulia

    Q&A Which will be your browser of 2018 ?

    hi may i ask you which will be your broswer of the 2018 ? will you continue to use your trusty browser or will you change your browser ? and may I know which browser do you use included chrome engine broswers and firefox engine browsers ? i have always used firefox with 4 extension but with...
  3. L

    Q&A Which engines does Zemana use?

    Zemana is not open about what engine(s) they use. Is it possible they use their own engine? Also, has anyone got an idea of what engine(s) they are using? What makes you think they are using that engine?
  4. FrankS

    Help Me Decide Dual vs. Single-Engine Antivirus?

    For what you would decide? Single or dual-engine realtime-antivirus? Are you using Windows Defender because everything else is crap? What is your opinion?