1. Der.Reisende

    Zero-Day Protection Report F-Secure SAFE Report - June 2018

    Due to the small number of samples used in this tests, you should take results with a grain of salt. We encourage you to compare these results with others and take informed decisions on what security products to use. June 2018 Samples Pack Static Detection Dynamic Detection Total Detection Bait...
  2. K

    Help Me Decide "Avast Free 2017 with aggressive setting" vs "F-secure SAFE 2017"

    Good evening everyone! Thank you for your access to here and reading my post. Tonight, I want to ask you that how much the Avast Free Antivirus reaches some solid anti-malware software, which are the paid version. Now I am using F-secure SAFE as Trial license on desktop PC, which is one of the...
  3. K

    Help Me Decide Avast Free 2017 vs F-secure SAFE vs Bitdefender Total Security 2017

    Good evening everyone. Thanks for your access to this thread. I hope you to read and answer for this question. I want to ask everyone that which software should I use for keeping security of my PC. Now I am using Bitdefender Total Security 2017 as main anti-malware soft on my main desktop PC...
  4. Faybert

    Help Me Decide Avast Internet Security or F-Secure Safe?

    Eu quero saber seus pensamentos e experiência sobre estes 2 produtos que eu estou pensando em comprar, obrigado antecipadamente pela ajuda :)
  5. S

    Expired F-Secure SAFE 3 Device 6 month trial

    This is a COMSS giveaway. Link found of COMSS Website. It is for a 6 month trial of F-Secure SAFE (3) devices. The registration page is in German, Original forum post: F-Secure SAFE - бесплатно на 6 месяцев для 3 устройств - Новости и Обзоры Direct Link: Der beste Schutz jetzt...
  6. upnorth

    Android F-Secure SAFE for Windows Phone

    F-Secure SAFE is probably one of the best security options for Windows Phone as there is no other real active AV ( Anti Virus ) software available for the latest Windows Phone OS. I also recommend that you scroll down and check the " Other Threads You Might Like " as those include still very...