1. upnorth

    Update F-Secure Freedome 2.22

    Latest version for F-Secure Freedome VPN on PC have been updated to 2.22.5580.0 Official release logs is not available. Not even for the business version other then for the apps on Google Playstore and Apples App Store. F-Secure Freedome is free the first 5 days.
  2. upnorth

    Discuss Unchecky Compromised?

    Not everyone here on MT for obvious reasons use the software Unchecky and personal I don't and haven't tested it but member @gin brought the site and the software to my attention with a profile post that Heimdal Pro was blocking there site and I could confirm it. I even sent a report about it to...
  3. upnorth

    Update F-Secure 17.4 released

    The latest stable version for F-Secure on PC have been updated to 17.4 and that includes SAFE and the Antivirus version. The update should happen automatic. F-Secure does not post any official changelog or releaselog other then on the appstores but that's out of sync as it's for the mobile...
  4. upnorth

    Update F-Secure Freedome 2.18

    Latest version for F-Secure Freedome VPN on PC have been updated to 2.18.5493.0 and now include a killswitch and remember to enable it as it's not on by default. A killswitch was highly needed IMO as it could happen the VPN lost it's connection and only way to fully cover that and fast was with...
  5. upnorth

    Update F-Secure 17.3 released

    The latest stable version for F-Secure have been updated to 17.3 and now include a improved ransomware protection. The setup automatic choose folders on every local account. Example : Pictures, Documents, Desktop etc. It's possible to add or remove folders. Go to Settings/DeepGuard. It's the...
  6. upnorth

    Computer Security In The Past, Present and Future

    53:15 Full movie : Zero Days (Official Movie Site) - Own it on DVD or Digital HD
  7. upnorth

    DeepGuard - How F-Secure Behavior Blocker works

    This whitepaper was last time updated 13 June 2016. Full source : http://bit.do/f-secure-deepguard-whitepaper Quote : " This whitepaper explains the trends and developments in computing that have made host-based behavioral analysis and exploit interception necessary elements of computer...
  8. upnorth

    Q&A F-Secure Odd Updates

    DeepGuard updated today saturday. Wonder if you @Lord Ami only get those updates during weekdays because your using the Beta version?
  9. steel9

    Help Me Decide Norton Security vs F-Secure SAFE

    I get both of these antiviruses for free from a magazine I subscribe to, so which should I choose? (currently using F-Secure but I'm thinking about switching to Norton if it's better). Also from what I've read, Norton does not have a banking protection module like F-Secure has, that blocks all...
  10. K

    Help Me Decide Which shoud I trust, AV-Comparatives or AV-TEST? And should I use Browsing Protection?

    Hello all members! Thank you for your access here. Just a moment, would you use your time a little for solving my question? There are some famous test for resarch of ability to protect devices by anti-malware softwares. For example, AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives are the most famous test of the...
  11. Faybert

    Help Me Decide F-Secure Safe, Avira Pro, Trend Micro Antivirus Plus or Panda Pro?

    Thank you very much in advance :)
  12. M

    Video F-Secure Safe Anti-Virus Review

    Hi all, This is my review of F-Secure Safe Anti-Virus. F-Secure, but is your system really secure? Lets find out! * I noticed a slight audio issue after editing the video (this was not there before editing) - I aim to fix this soon, but the problem is not with my mic it's with Camtasia Studio...
  13. Sundaram999

    Q&A F-Secure Internet Security 2017 Review by PCMag 3,5/5 stars

    F-Secure Internet Security 2017 Review by PCMag 3,5/5 stars Pros Excellent scores in our hands-on malware and malicious URL blocking tests. Firewall-assist component blocked many exploits. Banking protection prevents man-in-the-middle attacks. Cons Core functionality vulnerable to malicious...
  14. U

    How Good is F-Secure Internet Security?

    Hi, So, I need to protect my computer, had no luck with ESET not working and Panda causing BSOD's, so I'm now evaluating other options for a comprehensive protection (antivirus, antimalware, would be nice to protect banking, web browser and have a firewall) that I have offers to get quite cheap...
  15. L

    Q&A How is F-secure Antivirus 2016?

    I've spent a couple weeks trying out different anti-virus programs and I didn't like any of them, or they slowed my PC down too much. I have never heard of F-secure Anti-virus before. I was wondering if current users could tell me how they like it? I know that is uses Bitdefender's database (I...
  16. Dima007

    On Sale! Free Heimdal PRO for 1 Year if you buy F-Secure, Norton, Avira or ESET

    Heimdal PRO Discount and Deals at Anti-virus4u buy Internet Security and get Free Heimdal PRO for 1 Year Heimdal PRO works seamlessly along with any antivirus or internet security Heimdal PRO Discount and Deals
  17. safe1st

    Video F-Secure SAFE Prevention and Detection Test (safe1st)

    Thank you! Have a good day
  18. bunchuu

    Internet Archive Sets Up a Malware Museum

    F-secure want to make Malware Museum Bring back old memories...
  19. upnorth

    Q&A Freedome VPN Subscription Issue?

    Just noted on my beloved Freedome VPN that my previous almost 2 years subscription suddenly only have 6 days left. :( The codes was retrived from one of many promo links both posted here and elsewhere and more or less all of those are now gone or dead. F-Secure have been updating there...
  20. upnorth

    Hunting Malware with Python

    The video is pretty long so bring out the popcorn and enjoy! :D Matteo Cafasso a software engineer working in F-Secure Labs is here presenting a Sandboxing technology named Sandboxed Execution Environment (SEE). SEE is available here : F-Secure/see · GitHub I found it very interesting to hear...