1. Spawn

    Hacking Alert Security Flaw affects Up to 50m Facebook Accounts

    Facebook unearths security breach affecting 50 million users Full Blog post at Security Update | Facebook Newsroom
  2. K

    Privacy Alert Top VPNs sharing data on users with Facebook – Again!

    The ghost of Facebook pixel tracking on VPN websites is back! Running a VPN service has a lot to do with building trust. Most of us are not really aware of what happens online, behind the binary shroud. We don’t know when we’re being tracked or where that data ends up going. That’s why trust is...
  3. Spawn

    Facebook Facebook's Patent to Spy on Users; explained

    A patent application filed by the Menlo Park-based company details a convoluted process to trigger users' devices to record the ambient audio surrounding them — be that your conversation or the sounds in your bedroom — and then send some form of data based on that recording back to the company.
  4. CyberTech

    Facebook WhatsApp CEO quits Facebook; Privacy Concerns & Weaker Encryption

    WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum is leaving Facebook after clashing over data privacy The messaging app’s CEO pushed back against Facebook’s approach to user data, advertising, and encryption WhatsApp co-founder and CEO Jan Koum is leaving the company amid arguments with parent company Facebook...
  5. upnorth

    Facebook Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Full Testimony Before U.S. Senate

    Bring out the popcorn and prepare for a long talk with a few breaks. The video is 5 hours long and the talk starts at 19:50. What Zuckerberg actually reply to some of the questions is IMO staggering.