1. Thales

    Q&A How can you setup ESET firewall to block all connection except that you allow?

    Hey I would like to block everything except windows update and some programs I use regularly. How can I do that and what is the Firewall mode I should use? Interactive? Thank you
  2. camo7782

    Help Me Decide Looking for (cruel) Comodo Firewall alternative

    Today I was locked out from internet, after Windows told me that my network cables were broken; I almost spent € 20,00 on new cables when I searchev on the web and found similar issues from other people running ComodoFirewall. I tried disabling the HIPS and the firewall whole, then I disabled...
  3. camo7782

    Compare Protection Security solution for prosumer? (2 PCs)

    I need to protect two machines, both are running W10; one is my work PC and the other a gaming PC. Actually Im running GData Internet Security on both, but it seems it is draining more resources at every update, and occasionally some modules goes offline. I came with a list of possible...
  4. Z

    Help Me Decide Kaspersky or Emsisoft or Eset or Avast

    I have been using Kaspersky Internet Security for few years. But recently, Kasepersky has been automatically deleting some crypto apps. I have added these apps to trusted application as well as added to exclusions but still Kaspersky flags them or auto deletes them after few hours. Few days...
  5. M

    Q&A Boundary Protection

    What are you guys using for Boundary Protection? DNS Firewall/UTM VPN
  6. christian dougen

    On Sale! Bitdefender Total Security 2019 up to 5 Devices - $19.99

    Bitdefender is good firewall and after ransomware event in my computer ,I have started to use it .
  7. Nagisa-kun

    Q&A Combining Comodo Firewall with the OSArmor

    1) CF + OSArmor 2) CF + HIPS + OSArmor 3) CF + HIPS OSArmor is such a lightweight program and I would like to use it if it will give me extra security. Which option is better?
  8. M

    Q&A Physical Firewall and Next-Gen Firewall

    Hi Guys, I'm kind of new to the community and I wanted to know does the community make the comparison to physical firewalls and next-gen firewalls? Examples; Sophos, Fortigate, Sonicwall, Comodo etc.
  9. A

    Q&A Why some vendors tend to rely on Windows Firewall?

    There's an increasing tendency among a wide range of Security Vendors to using Windows firewall. Trend Micro, Emsisoft, Avira, and F-Secure are on that list. Emsisoft had their own Firewall until it was discontinued in October, 2017. F-Secure did the same and is now relying on Windows Firewall...
  10. A

    Q&A How is Bitdefender Firewall?

    How is Bitdefender Firewall compared to other vendors? How effective it is for use in public networks?
  11. Hawaii007

    Discuss If you had to choose a 3 piece security combo, what would it be?

    If you had to choose a 3 piece combo for your security system and performance. What would you choose? Not a security suite. Firewall + Antivirus + Misc.
  12. steel9

    Q&A "Create rules for safe applications"

    I am using Comodo Firewall at @cruelsister settings. But one thing bothers me, and that thing is that the firewall component in Comodo blocks way too much. Examples of programs it's blocking (some connections, not all) are Avast, Windows Defender, GTA 5, Steam, Chrome, Spotify, qBittorrent etc...
  13. giulia

    Q&A Why don't most Firewalls block a program? Some need to be blocked via Host files?

    Hi i have 2 questions 1) why can't firewalls (at least all i have tested) block completely a program ? for example , this is just a question for purpose knowledge , some programs for example (for example adobe programs like photoshop , lightroom and so on) could be blocked with several...
  14. CyberTech

    Update Windows Firewall Control 5.1 with Security improvements

    Windows Firewall Control 5.1 with Security improvements Windows Firewall Control 5.1 is the latest version of the security program for Windows that extends the functionality of the built-in firewall called Windows Firewall. We reviewed Windows Firewall Control back in 2009 for the first time...
  15. conceptualclarity

    Troubleshoot Reasonable for uninstaller to be connecting to Internet?

    A notification from the Panda firewall that the uninstaller program Soft Organizer was receiving an incoming connection from the Internet. Is that something I should have blocked or could there be a good reason for it?
  16. CMLew

    Q&A Which kind of firewall do you (prefer to) use in general?

    Now 2017 going 2018 soon, the security softwares is getting more and more sophisticated and improved. And so go other softwares as well. Which comes to my main point here: is Windows Firewall (WF) today performed on par with the rest of the firewalls offered from security vendors? I understand...
  17. G

    Q&A Do Firewall's require an update like Anti Virus?

    Hello, I have a noob question whether Firewall's require an update just like Anti Virus. The reason I ask because I'm still using Outpost Firewall, so am I at risk? Thanks, Grr
  18. S

    Help Me Decide ESET + Comodo + Malwarebytes vs 2017

    Hello there guys, This is my first post so I am sorry if I am posting this in the wrong section. I am setting up a new machine in a week or so and from my little research it seems like my old "standard" is not considered as good nowadays. The new machine will be Windows 7 64bit just fyi. What I...
  19. T

    Compare Protection Comodo Firewall + Qihoo360 TS or Comodo Cloud Antivirus + Voodooshield

    Hi MT friends :) I am currently using a free combo consisting of Comodo Firewall and Qihoo 360, but lately, I am thinking of using Comodo Cloud Antivirus with Voodooshield. Although I am paranoid, I do not like HIPS, in fact, it´s is disabled in my configuration, as well, I like more...
  20. Arin

    Q&A Kaspersky Antivirus with COMODO Firewall - Any known conflicts?

    I use Kaspersky Internet Security, but now I want to use Kaspersky Antivirus with Comodo firewall. Is it a good idea? Or should I stick with Kaspersky IS? Is anybody using KAV with COMODO Firewall? Any conflicts?