1. V

    Q&A G Data checks my downloads very often

    Whenever I download a file, G Data scans it very often. And then only 1MB. Its very annoying. How can I fix it?
  2. V

    Compare Performance Comodo Cloud Antivirus vs G DATA Internet Security 2019

    For gaming which would would you use Comodo Cloud Antivirus vs G DATA Internet Security?
  3. D

    Update G DATA Generation 2019

    Best protection for private users - G DATA presents new version of its award-winning security solution As of right now (25.10.2018) installers are still and via software upgrade downloads EDIT: New 2019 versions starting with 25.5.1.x are coming within two or three weeks...
  4. BoraMurdar

    Screenshots G Data Total Security (2018) - Product Screenshots

    Below we've added high definition screenshots for G Data Total Security (2018). The screenshots cover the most parts of the product. For questions and discussions visit our dedicated G Data forum. INSTALLATION TOUR MAIN INTERFACE AND UPDATE PROCESS VIRUS PROTECTION COMPONENTS, SCAN AND...