1. MalwareTips Bot

    Opera Get early access to Opera GX, Opera’s first gaming browser

    Hello, We are excited to let you know that we just opened up the subscription to the early access program for Opera GX, a new and special version of our browser made with those of you who play games in mind. While we can’t reveal more about this new desktop browser just yet, we would like to...
  2. V

    Compare Performance Comodo Cloud Antivirus vs G DATA Internet Security 2019

    For gaming which would would you use Comodo Cloud Antivirus vs G DATA Internet Security?
  3. Thales

    System Specs Thales' Gaming Config

    So, this is my desktop PC. I'm gonna buy used parts in the future because they are cheaper and in my country we have a reliable source on the Internet. What I need to change 8GB RAM to 16GB (Not so cheap right now) Replace the case to "NZXT" case I am planning to buy a used 3rd gen I7 because...
  4. Elpibe

    Difference between MotherBoards

    Hey, im getting a new Gaming PC (buying part by part). And i want to know if theres any difference between: Asus Z370-PRO gaming TUF and ASUS TUF H310M-Plus Gaming The first cost twice the 2nd MoBo. And i want to know if it worth it. I read a lot (opinions and the official description), but i...
  5. M

    Troubleshoot Can I connect a tower to a laptop for more processing power?

    I would like to connect my very old tower (a Gateway SX2370-UB30P) to my laptop (Microsoft Surface Laptop). I want to do this so I can have an extra monitor, and have my laptop handle the stress of streaming and my desktop handle the stress of gaming. Is this possible? If so how would I set it up?
  6. S

    PlayStation Alledged details about PS5 on $1000-subscription site; SemiAccurate

    Source: Report: PlayStation 5 Specs and Details Allegedly Leak Out What gives this leak a little bit of traction is SemiAccurate’s previously accurate early reporting on who got info right about Nintendo partnering with Nvidia for the Switch and correct PS4 specs back in 2012. They also...
  7. S

    Is Windows boring?

    There's nothing on Windows 10 that is exciting. What do you do on Windows?
  8. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A What is a good light weight security config? (Windows 10)

    I decided I will dualboot Ubuntu with Windows because gaming on Linux just wont work for me. The only time I will be using windows is to game, so I want a light, but secure configuration. So what is the most secure configuration I can get for the lightest system impact? I was thinking Comodo...
  9. advanced_skill

    Q&A Best budget gaming keyboard/mouse

    I'm looking into budget gaming keyboards/mice. Right now, I have three candidates: Redragon Vajra/Centrophorus Redragon Yaksa/Nemeanlion Cooler Master Devastator II (any color) It seems like the Vajra is a solid budget option. The Devastator is good apart from the letters on the keyboard not...
  10. TheBlue262

    i3-6100 vs i5-6500

    I'm building a gaming pc and I have some questions about the cpu. The Operating Frequency for the 6100 is 3.7GHz but the 6500 is 3.2GHz. Does this mean the 6100 would be better for gaming? Also, the i5 6500 has a Turbo Speed of 3.6GHz. What does this mean? (I'm new with this so I'm sorry if I...
  11. kev216

    Valve Tells Developers About Updates To Steam Store

    An update just went live on the Steamworks community page, shared on Reddit by user /u/Xinasha and personally confirmed by our own sources that new updates are coming to the Steam Store. See the original post here. “When we launched the Steam Discovery Update, we introduced a new and smarter...
  12. juhful

    System Specs Juhful's new laptop

    This is my new Laptop, got on sale for $749.99 U.S. Upgraded the RAM to 16gb and the 1TB Toshiba Hybrid HDD to an Evo 850 250gb, so far runs great and stays cool considering the power inside.
  13. J

    PlayStation Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Story Recap

    In the third and final part of our recap series, we revisit Nathan Drake's adventures in Uncharted 3 so you'll be all set to get stuck into Uncharted 4! You can see the video here: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Story Recap
  14. J

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Reactions and Trailer Breakdown

    Rob and Josh watch the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer for the first time; analysis and debate ensues! You can watch the official trailer here: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - Reactions and Trailer Breakdown
  15. D

    The Division Has Its First Level 99 Dark Zone Player

    The Division player Chaos 3KS has reached level 99 in the game's Dark Zone mode, becoming the first player in the world to reach the mode's level cap, Ubisoft announced today. You can see some of the player's statistics in the image below, which Ubisoft shared on the game's website. "After...
  16. D

    PlayStation More Powerful PS4 Might be in the Works - Report

    Sony is working on a more powerful PlayStation 4, if a report from Kotaku is correct. The report says the upgraded PS4 would come with increased graphical capabilities to run games at 4K resolution. Developer sources told Kotaku about the improved PS4. It's not currently known if current owners...
  17. D

    New GTA 5 Online Update Arrives With Sumo Wrestling Car Mode and More

    [UPDATE] Rockstar Games has now announced more details on the new GTA Online update, called Lowriders: Custom Classics, and released a trailer for it. In addition to the new car customization options (Vapid Slamvan, Dundreary Virgo Classic, Willard Faction, Custom Donk), the update brings the...
  18. Coffeeman

    System Specs Glamdring

    This is my main video editing machine and some photo editing, mainly and mostly in Lightroom. The video is dslr FHD videos and the tool I use is Premiere Pro CC. It does a great job and I have to say that I do not render videos. And also my primary gaming machine. Yes, it does play play some of...
  19. D

    System Specs Tornado's Gaming PC

    Well, here's my gaming machine... Nothing much more to say :)
  20. D

    PlayStation Sony Files Patent for PlayStation Glove Controller

    Sony has filed new patents for a gaming glove that would presumably be used in conjunction with its upcoming PlayStation VR headset. The patents were filed with the United States Patent & Trademark office in 2014, but were only just published publicly this week, which is when NeoGAF picked up on...