1. Faybert

    Update GData 2019 Release Notes

    Version 'Thank you for your trust in G DATA and for your feedback, which we have included in this update. * Performance improvements & bug fixes. * Improved protection through optimized linking of protection technologies DeepRay and behavior monitoring. * Improved user...
  2. Faybert

    Zero-Day Protection Report MalwareTips Complete Report - March 2018 - G Data

    All tests were conducted in protected virtual environment. Due to the small number of samples used in this tests, you should take results with a grain of salt. MalwareTips doesn’t encourage readers to take this test as a proof that tested security product is good or bad as security products are...
  3. Faybert

    Extension Free G DATA scanner detects Meltdown and Spectre security holes

    The program gives tips and tricks on how internet users can protect their system against attacks by local security holes IT security manufacturer G DATA has released a free scanner that checks the system for the Meltdown and Spectre security holes. When they come across a hole, internet users...
  4. Faybert

    Safer Internet Day 2018: G DATA provides tips for secure use of social networks and more

    Internet users spent much time online every day. Young people in particular spend a lot of time in social networks and on messaging services. However, when they do so, they are frequently careless with their personal data and thus endanger their digital identities. Another danger when dealing...
  5. Faybert

    G DATA receives the Champion Award in the field of "Security Solutions"

    G DATA receives the Champion Award:G DATA erhält Champion Award Bochum IT Security Specialist is Best in "Professional User Assessment - Security 2018" G DATA receives the Champion Award in the "Security Solutions" field of the IT consulting and consulting firm techconsult GmbH. In "Professional...
  6. Faybert

    Update New G Data version: (Stable)

    Hello everyone, G Data launches its new update for its security products (Antivirus, IS and TS). Version • Support for Microsoft OneDrive Files On-Demand • Extended protection against Fileless Malware • PasswordManager: WebExtension for Firefox (32 and 64 bit) • Improved integration...
  7. Faybert

    Q&A G Data Giveaway?

    Hi, does anyone know of a G Data Giveaway? Website with offers, I tried to look for something about and I did not find ..
  8. M

    Video GData Internet Security Review

    Hi all, This is my review of GData Internet Security, unfortunately I couldn't find many decent malicious URLs so that part of the test isn't too reliable. Thanks for watching, more videos coming next week!
  9. Faybert

    Q&A G Data Changelog?

    Good evening, does anyone have the G Data changelogs link? For me to know about new updates, I tried to search here and did not find it, thank you.
  10. safe1st

    Video Emsisoft vs GData Detection and Behavior Test

    Hope you all enjoyed the test Thanks for watching :)
  11. J

    G DATA Password Manager - Browser Addon

    Hi all. I want to share with you this addon, released by GDATA, which can allows you to manage all your passwords easily and fastly. Here is the link to install it: G DATA Password Manager
  12. J

    Video GData Internet Security 25.1.09 (by Jo Man)

    Hi all. I made this video-review of GData Internet Security 25.1.09, testing it with 12 different samples and 10 malicious links! The results? Watch the video to discover it! :)