1. melen1717

    Melen1717 config

    Hi... I would like to know the opinion of a few of you guys concerning WinPatrol Free and GlassWireNetwork (firewall) Security Free. What is the difference between them and which would be more important and recommended as a security tool ??? I currently have GlassWire on my PC. Thanks, George
  2. D

    Q&A Has anyone heard of Glasswire Firewall?

    Hello everyone I was wondering is Glasswire Firewall a good and or safe application? I came across it because 360 TS recommends it... Thank you in advance :)
  3. H

    GlassWire Network Security Monitor - General Impression

    Hello, This is a mini-review of GlassWire Network Security Monitor. Pros: Very polished, elegant user-interface. Outbound notification pop-ups are unobtrusive, yet demand attention. Learnability and ease-of-use are relatively high. User can block outbound connections by selecting the flame...