1. cyberfort

    Q&A Glasswire free alternative

    I need a free alternative to glasswire as glasswire has removed many features from its free version I need appwise bandwidth usage and the ability
  2. S

    Android GlassWire for Android - 100% Free and Ad-Free

    Read more at GlassWire for Android is here! | GlassWire Blog Why did we make GlassWire for Android? We wanted a similar network monitoring application for our own Android phones but we were shocked to find a lot of the data usage apps we tested sent quite a bit of data over the network...
  3. legitpc

    LegitPC Desktop Config

    My PC configuration focuses on cutting delays from real-time scanning and using a lot of common sense. Signature based scanning is used when common sense fails. UAC is disabled as I am running an admin account, can recognize apps that require admin rights, and have a HIPS blocker that would...
  4. Logethica

    Q&A Which of these Firewalls (/Control) have you used?

    Which (If any) of these Firewalls (/Control) have you used? Despite the large amount of Antivirus software available, there are far fewer Firewall-only products in comparison.. Some are pure firewalls,while others offer additional control or features when used in conjunction with Windows...
  5. melen1717

    Melen1717 config

    Hi... I would like to know the opinion of a few of you guys concerning WinPatrol Free and GlassWireNetwork (firewall) Security Free. What is the difference between them and which would be more important and recommended as a security tool ??? I currently have GlassWire on my PC. Thanks, George
  6. D

    Q&A Has anyone heard of Glasswire Firewall?

    Hello everyone I was wondering is Glasswire Firewall a good and or safe application? I came across it because 360 TS recommends it... Thank you in advance :)
  7. Der.Reisende

    Boosting PC Security - Voodoo Shield + Glasswire

    Hello Guys, I lately noticed some system impact with GlassWire installed (Qihoo 360 Compagnion). Therefore, I think about not reinstalling it. Will Windows 10 Firewall be enough, as GlassWire is more an network monitor i guess? It does not enhance / replace the standardized Windows Firewall...
  8. H

    GlassWire Network Security Monitor - General Impression

    Hello, This is a mini-review of GlassWire Network Security Monitor. Pros: Very polished, elegant user-interface. Outbound notification pop-ups are unobtrusive, yet demand attention. Learnability and ease-of-use are relatively high. User can block outbound connections by selecting the flame...