1. S

    Extension Simplify Gmail - a bare minimum interface

    Homepage: Simplify Gmail Simplifies Gmail interface to the bare minimum
  2. crezz

    Discuss Deseat.me - Has anyone tried this website?

    Does anyone have any knowledge or experience of the website www.deseat.me ? It claims to find out which websites you have previously subscribed to and automatically send requests to have your information deleted. However, it needs access to your Gmail account to do this and you have to provide...
  3. S

    Google Inbox by Gmail to be discontinued, March 2019

    Confirmed via Twitter: Via RIP Inbox: Google says its experimental mail client will be killed in March 2019
  4. S

    Update New Gmail.com Features Explained (by AA 2018)

    Quoted from Article - All the new Gmail features explained Google launched its shiny new version of Gmail yesterday. The email client has received a design overhaul, offering a little more color and softer shapes. Despite this, the new look still maintains the familiar layout that we’re all...
  5. conceptualclarity

    Help Me Decide Best webmail alternative to Gmail for the privacy-minded

    Google is an extremely politicized corporation, and I want to have as little as possible to do with them. (What a shame they've got YouTube.) I want to get off GMail. (Actually I only use it as a secondary email. I prefer a freestanding application for my primary email.) So what's a good...
  6. S

    Chrome Gmail.com no longer supported on Chrome 53 or below (XP & Vista affected)

    Starting February 8, 2017, we will show a banner at the top of the Gmail interface for users who are still on Google Chrome Browser v53 and below to encourage upgrading to the latest version of Chrome, currently on version 55. Chrome Browser v55 contains several important security updates...
  7. S

    Q&A Gmail or Inbox (by Gmail)?

    What is Inbox? Inbox by Gmail (Android, iOS and Web) - Available for Everyone Between Google's own Gmail and Inbox (by Gmail), which of the two services for email, calendar, contacts and reminders to you prefer? If you use neither Gmail.com (Web or App) or Inbox (Web or App), what App, Web or...
  8. Logethica

    Extension FileCloud for Gmail for Google Chrome

    FileCloud Debuts a Google Chrome Extension for Gmail: SOURCE: toptechnews.com FileCloud Announces a Google Chrome Extension for Gmail: Enables users to share large files and save email attachments more easily. By using the FileCloud for Gmail extension, FileCloud users can now easily share and...
  9. kev216

    Google reverses Gmail April 1 prank after users mistakently put GIFs into important emails

    Google has reversed one of its April Fools’ Day pranks after it caused a number Gmail users to unwittingly insert GIFs into business emails and other important communications. The U.S. internet giant is usually celebrated for its creative April Fools gags — some of itsothers today are funny —...
  10. Jrs30

    1 million Gmail accounts were hacked by the government

    Google has confirmed that more than one million Gmail accounts were targeted by government hackers. Initially, these bills are based on the United States. Usually when your email is targeted, Google itself usually send an alert to you take any security measure immediately. "There is a chance...
  11. S

    Updates to Gmail Security and Privacy (March 2016)

    Gmail Blog: Official Gmail Blog: Making email safer for you Additional Info: 3 Things You Need to Know About Gmail’s Red Lock / Padlock alert "Of course, it takes at least two people to send and receive an email, so it’s really important that other services take similar measures to protect...
  12. D

    Gmail to warn when email comms are not encrypted

    From now on, Gmail users will be able to see whether their communications with other email account holders - whether Gmail or any other email service - is secured. If it's not, there will be a red broken lock icon in the upper right corner of the message: "Gmail has always supported encryption...
  13. D

    Students Sue Google over Gmail Account Scanning

    A group of former and current students have sued Google in federal court in San Jose, California, alleging that the company scanned their Gmail accounts and gathered data for advertising purposes. Four University of California, Berkeley students claim that the Internet giant scanned their...
  14. S

    ZenMate Secure Email for Chrome

    ZenMate Secure Email (beta) Download from Chrome Web Store: ZenMate Secure Email (Beta) - Feedback - This extension is still in *Beta* mode, and we’d like you to tell us what you think. Whether you have ideas for improvements, experience any issues, or just want to tell us about your...