1. M

    Q&A Best light, Stable and Chromium based browser?

    Guys I'd like to hear some of your suggestions about a Light, Stable chromium Browser If possible with html5 Implemented in it Note: Sorry Bad English
  2. C

    SearchGenius won't leave my google chrome browser

    Hello, I accidentally downloaded some bad stuff on my mac-- megabackup and mackeeper. Though I think I've got those off.. I have a weird SeachGenius page on my google chrome browser. I've tried deleting it from my homepage, resetting, and clearing history. It won't go away. I've heard that this...
  3. S

    Wave Goodbye to Chrome Notification Center

    OMGCHROME.COM - Chrome Drops Notification Center from Windows, Mac and Linux - OMG! Chrome! "Google is not ditching notifications entirely. Rich notifications sent from apps, websites and extensions will be shown as they are today, as pop-up toasts on the desktop. But dropping the notification...
  4. Davidov

    I need sandbox ???

    It needs to put chrome in the sandbox or not ?? Chrome has its own sandbox.Chrome sandbox is the most secure as Sandboxie, etc. AVAST support told me he does not use the sandbox to Chrome because Chrome sandbox contains (I do not believe chrome sandbox)?
  5. C

    Malware/adware originating from google.exe

    If anyone can offer me help with the posted infomation id really apreciate it, im practicly tearing my hair out here
  6. D

    Did you mean to go to google? on Chrome

    Latest stable Chrome 32 Bits Windows 10 64 I have noticed on Chrome...if you search anything...its fine. But if you search "google"...you get "Did you mean to go to google?" bar below address bar. Do you get the same? Why the bar on searching for the word google? I have also noticed in Windows FW...
  7. Saumitdinesan

    Solved Yahoo Search has Taken Over my Omnibox Google Search

    Hi There, Today this Morning When i Opened my Default Browser Google Chrome I Searched on the Omnibox on which my Default Search Engine is Google but my Search was Redirected to Yahoo Search I am not Annoyed with Yahoo But i Want Google Search on my Omnibox Back Please Solve my Matter it would...
  8. Z

    I think mystartsearch stalked me from PC to Mac, and infested my Google account

    Sorry, long post to explain the root of my problem. I´m not skilled with malware (or computers..), so all help is highly appreciated, thank you. :) The Mystartsearch search engine /home page suddenly popped up everytime I opened up Google Chrome on my last desktop (a PC), and I was never able...