1. M

    Troubleshoot How do I benchmark the microphone quality?

    I recently bought Blue - Snowball iCE microphone. It is working fine. But is there a way to benchmark or verify the quality of my mic?
  2. Handsome Recluse

    Windows 10 & new processors policy - The explanation

    "Recently, Microsoft announced they will not support pre-Windows 10 operating systems on the new generation of Intel and AMD processors, known by their popular names Kaby Lake and Ryzen, respectively. If you've never worked in the enterprise space, you may think this is a rather radical...
  3. Parsh

    System Specs Parsh's DELLY Driver

    That's it! My optimal daily driver and gaming lappy. Extras added Dual Gaming Joysticks with max vibrations (won at programming event) :D iBall Woofers (common to home PC, connect for gaming only) GoFreeTech Wireless Mouse
  4. TheBlue262

    i3-6100 vs i5-6500

    I'm building a gaming pc and I have some questions about the cpu. The Operating Frequency for the 6100 is 3.7GHz but the 6500 is 3.2GHz. Does this mean the 6100 would be better for gaming? Also, the i5 6500 has a Turbo Speed of 3.6GHz. What does this mean? (I'm new with this so I'm sorry if I...
  5. Logethica

    Hardware Cyber Security & Side-Channel Attacks

    Analysis: Hardware could be the next frontier for cyber security: We tend to think of cyber security as a software issue with a software solution: install antivirus or firewall software on your device and it can protect against the majority of threats out there. However, this is ignoring...
  6. Logethica

    Pwnie Express Pwn Pro: Review

    Pwnie Express Pwn Pro Review: COST: $2675.00 When I showed a coworker the bright orange Pwn Pro box from Pwnie Express, he immediately and vociferously expressed concern that I would destroy our network and steal his data. That's understandable, since this humble box contains dozens of...
  7. Logethica

    Microsoft Microsoft makes Windows 10 hardware change for PC security

    Microsoft makes Windows 10 hardware change for PC security; Starting on July 28, Microsoft is making TPM 2.0 hardware-based security layer a requirement on Windows 10 smartphones, PCs and tablets. Microsoft is rolling out a change in minimum hardware requirements for Windows 10 PCs and mobile...
  8. D

    Xbox Possible Xbox One Hardware Upgrade in the Pipeline

    Microsoft has said it is building towards a future where its games consoles will be upgradable, allowing the company to keep hardware viable by incrementally increasing its power instead of replacing it with an entirely new device. Speaking at a recent media event, as reported by Polygon, Xbox...
  9. D

    Q&A Which should i Buy ? (episode 2)

    this is the final thread , so : now my choices are narrowed and result in : ASUS Transformer T200 (with a 500gb additionnal HDD ) = 400 + 60euros or HP 250 G3 = 499euros i will use it in Vietnam, mostly in Coffee shop,