1. S


    Hi all, not sure if Ive introduced myself or not so if I have and Im double posting please forgive me. Im Susan a developer\web designer in the making, Ive always had a veru keen interest in electronics and computers. Hoping to fulfill a 20-25 yr dream.. I have 3 wonderful kids a boyfriend that...
  2. S

    Hello, my dudes.

    This is the first time I've made a post in a forum before. Actually I don't use forums at all. What should I write on a welcome post? I don't really know.
  3. Reajoan Mashfik

    Hello MWTips! - New Kid On The Block

    Hello MWTips community, nice to meet you all... :coffee: Looking forward to meet with IT related people and gain more knowledge in this field... :giggle: Hope i can share as much information as I will receive from here... ;) ThankQ for your visit... :)
  4. Myrul Jihyn


    hii guys Im Amirul i really love cyber security because i can learn how to protect my computer i also love to play with virus in virtual machine hahaha hopefully nothing happens in my actual computer i really want to participate this giveaway because my avast subscription is almost at the end i...
  5. B

    Black day's Config.

    Hello, here is my configuration.
  6. M

    Hi, new here..

    Hi, I am new here. Found your forum after downloading Reimage to fix my slow computer. so I canceled that and joined here to see if I can get my computer running better for free. I have some computer knowledge. I do not really like Windows 10 but there was not an option above for Windows...
  7. Handsome Recluse

    TerrakionSmash's Bizarro Farewell!

    Just wanted to be cool and say hello to everyone. Adele - Hello from the Calvin Harris - Outside ft. Ellie Goulding Came here to meditate and conserve energy with y'all. Do I need to put my name in the title of New Member Intro's?
  8. normanku

    Hello from Canary Island!

    Hi guys! I'm a Cybersecurity Engineer from Canary Island, Spain. I hope I can learn a lot of this forum! I'm interested on ransomware behavior analysis,the logs and traces it leaves during infection and how to identify generic behaviors. Have a nice day!
  9. P


    Hello.I am new to this forum.It is a nice forum.
  10. Rolo

    Oh, that new member card!

    I'm a Yank. I like gaming (Pong-->Atari 2600-->Odyssey 2-->Colecovision-->Commodore 64-->IBM PC/XT-->IBM PS/2-->Been building PCs since the '286). I like programming, though, it's been a long-distance relationship mostly (got distracted with electronics engineering, mainframes, cryptographic...
  11. I

    Inmento here, just popping by to say hi.

    Hiya! I'm your friendly neighbourhood Canadian. I use only two aliases for internet security, because honestly I'd forget if I had more. Inmento is one of them. I'm just a friendly comic and computer nerd (Although I am a computer nerd, in terms of programs, Java, and how to build/rebuild...
  12. P

    Hello all am pranoy

    Hello pal am totally new here just trying to find best and genuine software for my pc
  13. AtlBo

    Hello Everyone Guess I Say Hi

    I've been a member for awhile now, and I have come to value very highly the ideas and opinions I have read on MalwareTips. Now when I have a question, I feel like I have somewhere to turn for good information. So I guess it's time for me to say hello. Thanks for the help so far and looking...
  14. F

    Hello people

    Hello. Just started visiting this site. Very interesting
  15. ZeroTolerance

    Hi Everyone

    Hi, Whats up?
  16. M


    Hello MalwareTips
  17. T

    Hello guys

    Hello guys this is an introduction forum
  18. kev216

    Mozilla plans to remove Hello from Firefox 49

    Source: Mozilla plans to remove Hello from Firefox 49 - gHacks Tech News Firefox Hello, the messaging then screen sharing / video chat feature of Firefox will be removed from Firefox 49 if things go as planned. Mozilla integrated Firefox Hello in version 34 of the browser. The organization did...
  19. S

    Sonyphoneuser Intro

    Hello guys I hope i can have a good time here :-)
  20. Predrag Radjenovic

    A small introduction

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to say hi and introduce. Although my field of work goes around marketing and design, I am since long interested in IT Security. I regularly follow MT and Wilders forums, although more as a lurker. Since a company I work for recently had a close encounter with Locky...