1. F

    Q&A Gen:Variant.Ursu.371263 - apparently just got in in a c# program of mine

    I was working on a simple c# program when, just as I finished and was about to save, a Bitdefender popup said that the program was infected with Gen.Variant.Ursu.371263 . I tried looking it up on Google, but all I found was a forum post on this website about Gen:Variant.Ursu.225958 , a trojan...
  2. rockwh

    svchost.exe hollow processes in syswow64 folder

    I have two hollow process svchost.exe files running from the syswow64 folder... If I visit any kind of anti-malware website the web browser closes automatically , i ran malwarebytes and Zemana and got rid of the smaller problems but i couldn't find a fix to this one, here's the Addition.txt and...
  3. swanvods

    Solved svchost.exe*32 virus using 50% cpu usage please help

    Few days ago, i noticed that my pc is slowing down. So when i open task manager there's a program called svchost.exe*32 using 50% cpu usage. I already scan with all antivirus but no threats are detected. It's located in SysWOW64. Thanks for your help guys.
  4. H

    Solved svchost.exe hollow processes in syswow64 folder!!!!

    I have two hollow process svchost.exe files running from the syswow64 folder! If I visit any antimalware website or antivirus website the web browser closes automatically! I also get ads that keep openening on my google chrome which I can't stop unless I end the 2 hollow processes every time...
  5. J

    windows process manager (32 bit) Removal help.

    My girlfriend uses my PC for all of about 10 minutes and i had a bunch of viruses. I have managed to clean most of them up (at least i think) by running MBAM, MBAR, and Super Anti Spyware. All though, i can not get rid of this windows process manager (32 bit). See the attached pictures of my...
  6. Stoweo

    Solved Seeing strange black datas left on my SSD, even after a format?

  7. Syafiq

    Troubleshoot Kaspersky Certificate didn't uninstalled automatically

    Hello, I recently uninstalled Kaspersky Internet Security and their certificate is remains on my system even after using KAV Removal Tool. I have one question, is it safe to delete the kaspersky certificate manually or.... ? :unsure:
  8. Piholasimam

    I keep getting blocked by the spam filter.

    Hello, for the past few days I've been blocked by the spam filter when trying to reply to a conversation. I filled out a support form but have not heard back yet. If there is anything to do help with this, I appreciate it. Thanks, Pi
  9. A

    Need Help Malware not going away (It is following me)

    Hi, I am new here this is my first thread. I need your help I am really freaked out there is an adware / malware that is following me and not leaving me alone I tried scanning with multiple scanners and it still doesn't work. I am attaching a screenshot of the adware. The thing that is...
  10. Wileout

    Windows Process Manager (32 Bit) Virus

    I recently downloaded a patch for a program that contained a virus. I have several Windows Process Manager (32 bit) in my task manager as well as tasks called rarnzpc and wibeaotsvc. I had 2 folders in my Local folder that cant be opened or deleted. I tried deleting them in safe mode and that...
  11. RyCrash

    Troubleshoot Multiple COM Surrogate Processes

    So I noticed that my computer has been very sluggish recently so I took a look at my Task Manager and I noticed 4 COM Surrogate processes, one of them is eating up 70%+ of my CPU, and at least half of my memory, I've tried a lot of things but I'm yet to have any success. Can anyone help me out?
  12. N

    Solved Command Prompt periodically open and closes very quickly

    Immediately I performed a system restore which I now know is the wrong course of action. Upon finding this website on (12/3/17) I performed multiple Avast scans, a farbar scan, and a malware byte scan. The malware byte scan originally found 154 malware which I had cleaned up. After rebooting my...
  13. R

    Troubleshoot Factory data reset doesnt get rid of Porn droid ads

    Visited an asian porn site, and then started getting these 'porn droid' ads showing very extreme content. It seems to stick to all third party ads and not even a factory data reset stops it. Ive been pulling my hair out trying to figure whats happening, according to my research the 'Porn droid'...
  14. Erika

    Q&A Is there a real need of using a VPN? Be honest!

    I have been hearing a lot of my friends and co-workers using a VPN all the time while they are online. But I simply don't get it! I had never had any situation where I would need a VPN, but a lot of my paranoid friends out there always recommend me using one because they say that your ISP or...
  15. A

    my browser keeps opening random websites such as default

    hello! soo..... I tried installing a audio appication called super which converts audio files to different audio files and much more. I started to notice that my browser started to take me to different websites and altering google results and making them sponsored links.. so I tried using tdss...
  16. N

    Solved Need help removing malware

    I followed all the steps in this forum on trying to get rid of the virus, but I was still having an issue with the redirection. It was specifically happening when I was on the Direct TV now website. I was looking at the channel listing comparisons in a pop-up window on the site. From there I...
  17. idunno

    Q&A How likely is it for a virus to spread via the network?

    I know I posted an article asking if this is possible, but now I want to know how likely is it. I read somewhere it is exetremly unlikely but that post was from 2013 and things could have changed. So, how likely is it? -Thanks!
  18. idunno

    Q&A Is 7zip malware?

    Virustotal says its 2/64 Is it ok? -thanks!
  19. idunno

    Q&A Any trusted Mobile adblockers?

    The title says it all. I really need an adblocker for my phone, I go to allot of sites that use ads which probably contain malware. Any trusted mobile adblocker? -thanks!
  20. idunno

    Q&A Any safe Chrome extension VPN?

    I want to use it for safe browsing and stuff like that. Maybe even use it to watch stuff on my netflix account. Does anyone know a safe VPN Chrome exetension? -Thanks!