1. Faybert

    Google Google may remove View Image button on Google Images

    Getty Images announced today that it has come to an agreement with Google that includes a global licensing partnership between the two companies and accompanying changes to Google Images. If you search for images on Google Images right now, you may click on the "view image" button on the...
  2. StriderHunterX

    Q&A What's the best Clone/Image software for MacOS partitions?

    I want to breath new life into my best friend's Macbook Pro (Mid 2009) He needs space to upgrade to Sierra(or High Sierra) but I can't find an app that lets me clone the disk safely from a Windows environment. I would love to hear suggestions from the community.
  3. Winter Soldier

    Criminals beware! Google's AI can now identify faces from heavily pixellated images

    Two Google Brain neural networks were combined to create the enhanced images. Two artificial intelligence systems built by Google are able to transform a heavily pixellated, low quality, image into a clear photo or a person or object. Computer scientists from Google Brain, the central Google AI...