1. A

    Malware analysis Infected file found on a usb drive

    Hello! I have attached a firend's usb drive and Bullguard completed the scan detecting 7 infected files. There's one suspicious file named "t" undetected by Bullguard I have uploaded the file to VirusTotal.
  2. Winter Soldier

    Q&A How to be 100% sure you're not infected?

    I know that no antimalware solution guarantees 100% protection so is it realistically impossible to know whether your computer is 100% malware free? Also, can a manual analysis, such as the check of execution processes, ensuring that absolutely no malware is running on your system ? Thank you.
  3. T

    Solved Adware (on Steam) Remaining after Malware Attack

    Hello, this is my first time posting here. Let me know if I am doing anything wrong on my post, though I tried to read the instructions of posting before doing so. I am having an issue with adware from the remainder of a malware attack on my computer. I don't believe there is malware remaining...
  4. M

    Mixera says Hi

    helo all i am new here and need some help!! if someone can tell me wo is best antivirus for home pc i used it only for gaming and not browsing dangerous sites like porn or somthing like that :D i used eset samrt security 9 but i get infectet with virus and me desctop icons start desapire i...
  5. E

    Possibly Infected - Unable To Delete Program

    So my friends wanted to make a TeamSpeak 3 Server because the one we were on had too many people on it and would mic-spam and hot-mic constantly. When I found a program to make a free TS 3 Server, I downloaded it, thinking it would work. The program stayed open for less than 2 seconds. I...