1. conceptualclarity

    Q&A Best programs for recording registry, folder, file changes made by a new installation?

    I especially would like to know when a new program installs drivers. I believe there are a lot of programs for this. I wonder which are simplest, most convenient, as well as of course accurate.
  2. Winter Soldier

    Q&A BD Free installation's issues

    Hello guys. Yesterday evening I wanted to install Bitdefender free on the other computer I use for testing. I've downloaded the installer which downloaded about 250 MB of files. When the login window is open I filled in my working login data and, after I've confirmed that, the window is closed...
  3. bunchuu

    Solved Cannot install Google Chrome after uninstalling Slimjet

    Helo, Last month, I installed slimjet browser as companion browser in laptop (my main browser is cyberfox). And today I want to install "pure" version of slim jet which is google chrome. I installed it using installer from official google site, however it can't be done and gave warning "unknown...
  4. Anti Vir

    Good lightweight install

    Hi all. I'm thinking of coming back to Avast free after trying a few other AV programs. I just want a lightweight, free program that offers good protection. The full Avast package looks very bloated, but I've seen a few people recommend doing a custom install and installing the file shield...