1. L

    Removed malware, all seems well, use Google Chrome, then internet dies and PC slow

    Hi all, Well I described in details in the above fields what exactly happened and what I tried to do. Right now I am on this pc, using MS edge, and I have internet and all seems fine. But all is not fine - clearly. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling chrome by the way. I reset browser...
  2. A

    Unable to Connect to Internet after Malwarebytes runs

    I ran mbam Chameleon and once that closed, I ran the regular malwarebytes. The main virus appears to be gone, but I cannot connect to the internet. I also ran FRST and got the txt files attached to this. Please help :(
  3. Dhruv Singh

    Troubleshoot Can't access Internet after using Malwarebyte

    Used Malwarebyte to remove malware but after that laptop can't access Internet
  4. C

    Solved Chrome, Firefox and IE not working after mailware removal with adware cleaner

    I'm still unable to use chrome (unable to install. it gives a msg that it's unable to connect to the Internet, if it use a firewall, please whitelist Googleupdate.exe), Firefox and IE, Adobe creative cloud is also unable to connect. However IE 64bit works and so do Josm and merkaartor