1. Z

    Help Me Decide Kaspersky or Emsisoft or Eset or Avast

    I have been using Kaspersky Internet Security for few years. But recently, Kasepersky has been automatically deleting some crypto apps. I have added these apps to trusted application as well as added to exclusions but still Kaspersky flags them or auto deletes them after few hours. Few days...
  2. christian dougen

    On Sale! Bitdefender Total Security 2019 up to 5 Devices - $19.99

    Bitdefender is good firewall and after ransomware event in my computer ,I have started to use it .
  3. Robbie

    Screenshots Trend Micro Internet Security (2018) - Product Screenshots

    Below we've added high definition screenshots for Trend Micro Internet Security (2018). The screenshots cover the most parts of the product. For questions and discussions visit our dedicated Trend Micro forum. INSTALLATION TOUR MAIN INTERFACE AND UPDATE PROCESS VIRUS PROTECTION...
  4. R

    Help Me Decide Looking for possible alternatives

    I'm looking for other solutions, either paid or free, preferably one suite, that would include a good antivirus, HIPS and a decent firewall. I like to configure things and create rules for individual apps - exactly what you can do in a Comodo: "Comodo Firewall also makes it easy for you to...
  5. Brie

    Compare Protection Most effective paid anti-malware 2018?

    members on here seem to like emsisoft better. please say why you prefer the anti-malware. please exclude kaspersky.
  6. jackuars

    Help Me Decide Free Antivirus of the Year 2017 [Nominations Thread]

    So we're back again after 2 years :D Back in 2015 Qihoo Total Security was our winner. Let's see who takes the gRAND pRIZE this year. :cool: The winner will be decided in 2 PHASES. This thread will be a NOMINATION THREAD.The 5 most nominated products from this thread will be considered for the...
  7. K

    On Sale! BitDefender 2017 72% Off All Products (BTS/BIS/BAV+) (48 Hrs Only Maybe??)

    Hello All, I was just going through different free security software options on these forums, and trying to choose 1 to install and try. Then I found this deal, so i think i will just buy it and use it right away (i need something right away) since its much cheaper than regular price :p (and...
  8. M

    Video Trend Micro Internet Security Review

    Hi all, Trend Micro, the AV that no one seems to use - nobody has ever told me that they use Trend... Thanks for watching & more videos coming out this weekend!
  9. M

    Video GData Internet Security Review

    Hi all, This is my review of GData Internet Security, unfortunately I couldn't find many decent malicious URLs so that part of the test isn't too reliable. Thanks for watching, more videos coming next week!
  10. M

    Video Vipre Internet Security Review

    Hi all, Vipre: An AV named after venomous snakes found in most parts of the world. Thanks for watching, more videos are coming soon!
  11. M

    Video Comodo Internet Security Review

    Hi all, This is my review of Comodo Internet Security, this was recorded a while back so OBS had some issues & for some reason I didn't use many samples. Thanks for watching & hopefully you've enjoyed :) My videos are now going back to being 2-3 a week instead of 1 everyday because of my...
  12. viktik

    ESET Internet Security 10 : Recommended settings

  13. viktik

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 Recommended Settings

    Click on settings icon to go to Kaspersky settings, as shown below VULNERABILITY SCAN KASPERSKY APPLICATION MANAGER SETTING
  14. viktik

    Reve Antivirus - Have you tried this antivirus?

    it has antivirus , internet security and total security. test it download link : REVE-Antivirus Free Trial| Antivirus Download| Antivirus Online
  15. Jake Miguel

    On Sale! PureVPN Deal - 71% off till 31st December 2016

    Guys found this link on BlackFriday so I bought this vpn service and its still on till 31st December. Its kinda cheap considering the Ip addresses and server choices it offers. They are offering 71% off on their annual plan making it as low as US$35 and monthly US$2.91. I am not associated with...
  16. M

    Video Emsisoft Internet Security 12 Review

    Hi all, This is my review of Emsisoft Internet Security 12. Overall, I really like this AV & would highly recommend this software to anyone. Please watch the video to find out more: Some things to note: - I had less samples than normal & this will probably continue until I find a better way...
  17. M

    Video Bitdefender Internet Security 2017 Review

    Hi all, This is my test of Bitdefender Internet Security 2017. The software is using Default settings - completely unchanged & I am now testing within a brand new clean VM (which will be used in all of my tests). I use samples from 5 sources (which can be found in the video's description). By...
  18. M

    Comodo Internet Security with Windows 10 Support

    Experts at Comodo have developed an Internet Security Suite combining firewall, antivirus and other security techniques to stay protected over the network. Comodo Internet Security has been designed to support the latest operating system Windows 10, incorporating remarkable features providing...
  19. Rishi

    Expired Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 Multi-Device 60 days

    Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 Multi Device 60 days License Protects against viruses, spyware, Internet threats and more Safeguards your privacy and defends against identity theft Adds extra layers of security for online banking & shopping Helps you keep your kids safe from Internet dangers...
  20. M

    Antivirus vs Internet Security

    Hello fellows, I've got a quick question, that despite i googled, i couldn't find a decent answer. Due to having another firewalls and the necessary tools, i never install Internet Security or Total Security versions of the antivirus i install. I feel it's a great waste of RAM and space. My...