1. movibeast

    Solved Malware which is causing low internet speed :(

    Hello Expert, I am using Firefox and Chrome and yes torrent-ing. Before 4 days, I was started to get ads in my Chrome with NOTE "powered by counterflix":( I have used "adwcleaner" which didn't helped alot. After I used it I didn't see add for 5 mins. but after 5 mins I started to see ads again...
  2. CyberTech

    Unlimited Giveaway AVG Internet Security 2018 - Free license for 1 year

    AVG Internet Security 2018 - Free license for 1 year Get a free license for AVG Internet Security 2018 for 1 year. Comprehensive antivirus with firewall, proactive protection, web protection and new functions "Protecting the webcam" and "Protection from extortion programs" AVG Internet...
  3. jackuars

    What are you Browsing Now?

    Just curious to know what you guys are browsing. Let it be anything that interests you, or you think it might be interesting to others. It could be any article or a website or a video or a comic strip, practically anything and everything. :)
  4. Handsome Recluse

    No, scrapping net neutrality laws won’t kill the internet

    Such sentiment has echoed around the world. But all of this seems odd. Netflix itself has been streaming media online since 2007, and the specific President Obama-era net neutrality laws only came into force in 2015. Was the internet before 2015 really the barren, innovation-free zone painted...
  5. Windows Defender Shill

    Yearly Software Subscription Cost

    I figured I am sending approximately $380.00 (USD) a year on internet based subscriptions. - Obviously that does not include ISP cost. I'm currently subscribed to the following: Xbox VPN Spotify Anti Virus Comment if you want and tell us what you are spending on internet based...
  6. Daljeet

    Q&A How much GBs do you use per month on Internet

    My monthly internet usage is 80 gigabytes
  7. Robbie

    Software that disconnects internet on idle

    Do you guys know of any software which would disconnect all Internet access on your system when it goes idle? For example, you have a hurry and you have to go, after 10 minutes with the system idle Internet access interrumps, so if any malware activity goes on while you cannot see it (aka this...
  8. Dhruv Singh

    Troubleshoot Can't access Internet after using Malwarebyte

    Used Malwarebyte to remove malware but after that laptop can't access Internet
  9. A

    I have a Rootkit!

    Hi everyone, I think I have a Rootkit unfortunately. I have a L aptop running Windows 7. I found the Rootkit on 19th September 2016 - Internet is affected, I can access Google search but clicking on any of the sites returns with a network error - pages just don't load. I scanned with AVG...
  10. A

    Troubleshoot Lost internet after removing files with malwarebytes

    There was a Trojan virus on my computer and lots of PUP files. So I went and installed malware bytes and scanned my computer. After the scan had finished there was around 80 programs or files that I didn't want on my computer so I removed them all and restarted my computer. When it had loaded up...
  11. TheBlue262

    Router Questions

    Would it make any difference for my download speed if I were to get a router rated at 340mbps or a router rated at 960mbps? My current plan is Time Warner Cable 300mbps internet plan. I am wondering if the router I choose will effect my download speed because both routers exceed the speed I have...
  12. pablozi

    OneClick Firewall

    OneClick Firewall in action: Download: http://winaero.com/request.php?1886
  13. O

    Browser can't connect to internet after removing malware

    Every browsers (chrome, mozilla, ie) won't connect to the wifi after I removed some malwares using an app I downloaded here (forgot what it was). Everytime I open google chrome and try to run it, it says the server DNS adress could not be found. Please help I have tried using frst but I'm not...
  14. kev216

    Microsoft, Facebook to build trans-Atlantic undersea cable

    Investing in undersea internet cables has been a big part of data strategy plans for tech giants in recent years. Now Microsoft and Facebook are teaming up for the mother of all cables: A 4,100-mile monster that can move 160 Tbps, which will make it the highest-capacity cable on Earth. The cable...
  15. D

    Troubleshoot Random Internet Disconnection, After A Minute It Resolves.

    This is not a big issue, but really is getting more annoying and if somebody has a solution that would be great :)
  16. M

    Solved Can't connect to internet

    Hello, After running YAC and Adwcleaner i can't connect to internet the only programs working are "Nighty Mozzila" and "Teamspeak 3" Have no idea why. First that helped me with this problem in the past i used "netsh winsock reset", "netsh interface ipv4 reset","netsh interface ipv6...