1. yarr

    YARR INTRO: Greetings! Sorry I didn't do this sooner.

    Hello MalwareTips Community! I'm yarr, I've been a Windows user since I can remember and gaming since I could gather enough powerful parts from my Uncle or behind the local CompUSA(they used to throw the stuff out!) I've had my fair share of viruses & malware but the first I remember...
  2. S


    Hi all, not sure if Ive introduced myself or not so if I have and Im double posting please forgive me. Im Susan a developer\web designer in the making, Ive always had a veru keen interest in electronics and computers. Hoping to fulfill a 20-25 yr dream.. I have 3 wonderful kids a boyfriend that...
  3. feelsdabman

    Hello MT Forums!

    I'm just a kid who cares about his privacy. I hope I can contribute to the community and maybe learn from here too! I'll admit I'm no computer wizard, but I do know a lot more than the average person. ''
  4. John Ross

    Hello World!

    A good day to all of you! I am thankful that I have found a good forum for technology stuff. Bear with me as I am new on this website.
  5. LukeLovesSecurity

    New to MalwareTips

    Hellow MT forums! I'm Luke, and I am a security fanatic. I am not just obsessed with internet security, but all kinds of security. Bike security, vehicle security, home security, personal defense, etc. I am a very strong Libertarian, but of course, since this isn't political forums, I won't...
  6. KeyserJaya

    I'm an newbie GameDeveloper

    Hi everyone, just it. Thanks! Nah just kidding. I like (maybe love) to learning some unique or new technology. I'm register here to have an access to download a Ransomware Virus. Why I want to download it? Cause I think I can solve it, this virus was unique and this is a new challenge for me to...
  7. Nam Tran

    I'm a guest for a long time, and I'm already registered account

    Hello everyone, I'm Nam Tran, and I came from Viet Nam. I'm a guest of malwaretips for a long time (can't remember how long, but it's just long), I often read giveaway post, especially promotional giveaway. Thank for reading! Best regard!
  8. M

    Hello, this is MJ Haider

    Hello, This is MJ Haider from India. I have joined today on Malware Tips. It's a great website.
  9. Parsh

    Hello Hello Hello!

    Having been influenced by the engaging conversations since long, I have ever wanted to become an active contributor to the entropy here :-D For info, I have been digging various sets of security tools, as a home user, and have played with configurations. I help out my colleagues a lot and all...
  10. T

    Hello World

    This is Tarun and my new reintroduction forum.
  11. jacksparrow12


    Hi, Hello Folks, I am new to this Forum. I am working as a web designer. I am single. I like new technologies. An enthusiast Gamer and a nature lover. Thanks for the Amazing Giveaways. Hope to be one Lucky Winner. Regards, jacksparrow12
  12. Dxa Dayk


    Hello MT!
  13. OSHI

    Hello, everyone!

    Hello, everyone! It's nice to join you guys :) Since I work in anti-malware software company, it's really important for me to be here, to check new trends and to learn which way of improvements users may need.
  14. W

    Malware Analysis #1 - Introduction

    Hello and welcome to my Introduction thread on Malware Analysis. In this thread I will be discussing a bit about which software you may wish to have set-up in your analysis environment and at the end of this thread I will briefly explain a bit about the analysis environment. [Disclaimer]: This...
  15. T

    Hello guys

    Hello guys this is an introduction forum
  16. Predrag Radjenovic

    A small introduction

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to say hi and introduce. Although my field of work goes around marketing and design, I am since long interested in IT Security. I regularly follow MT and Wilders forums, although more as a lurker. Since a company I work for recently had a close encounter with Locky...
  17. Syed Arshad


    hi im new here, hope to learn something new :)
  18. centreofgravity

    Hello Everyone

    I have been following MalwareTips for a long time and seeing the great community here prompted me to join the forums for an even better experience.
  19. stravaganza

    Hello from the other side

    Hello to everyone!

    Hello Everyone!!

    Hello Everyone!! Glad to be a member of such a helpful and good forum. Thanks