1. Robbie

    Discuss Known Problems with Most Common AV's

    Another thread I thought about (wow Robbie you're on fire today!). Share a fact about the AV you use or about an AV you heard of that has specific problems or facts that need to be known before instaling. The purpose of this is to let users know what kind of issues or scenarios they will face...
  2. Winter Soldier

    MT 1.0 Style, logo graphic issue

    Hello guys :) I'm using Chrome on my Android device now (but it is the same using also the default Android browser) and I got this little graphic issue of the MT logo on MalwareTips Style 1.0 that I usually use. No problem using MT Style 2.0 It's not a big problem for me but wondering if you...
  3. T

    'Webroot made my PCs s*** the bed' – AV update borks biz machines hard

    Workaround is to disable the thing – no fix just yet for unlucky corps hit Updated Anti-malware firm Webroot has apologized after an update pushed out this week borked computers at unlucky companies, leaving the PCs unbootable. El Reg learned of the issue through reader Andrew, who reported...
  4. giulia

    Q&A Firefox 51 certificate issues , can't open several pages

    hi i updated firefox to 51 and after to 51.0.1 when i start to use 51 i started to get issues for example i tried to open my fav audio player aimp . ru , i got this error the problem is related to severals pages what can i do ? thanks on my prefenreces , i guess they are set to default...
  5. giulia

    Windows 10 Microsoft will jump kernel from 6.4 to 10, and the program compatibility?

    hi i have read that microsoft will upgrade w10 and will jump to kernel v10 from 6.4 my big concern will be the program compatibility i have bought several program and i use freeware the point is that some program don't release lifetime updagrade/update in short , when w10 will have the new...
  6. S

    im not sure if its a trojan or malware

    i was going this far yesterday that i cleaned with malwarebytes anti-malware the trojan or what ever it is. for the rest of the day i had no issuese i could play search on the internet and everything. but the only thing that didnt got fixxed was this page called "miweichnpyu.ru" that was always...
  7. L

    Sophos - Winlogon.exe detected as Troj/FarFli-CT

    In the Sophos Enterprise Console, in Sophos Central or in Sophos Home you may see something similar to this: Virus/spyware 'Troj/FarFli-CT' has been detected in "C:\Windows\System32\winlogon.exe". Cleanup unavailable. SophosLabs has fixed this issue in the IDE "java-aqr.ide" which was released...
  8. D

    Microsoft May Compensate Xbox Live Users Affected by Recent Downtime

    Microsoft's Xbox Live, the network that powers the company's console and PC gaming platforms, has had something of a tough start to 2016. Issues with the service cropped up in January and then again in February. In some cases, the issues blocked players from downloading and even playing their...
  9. RmG152

    Sophos compatibility issue with Adguard

    If you install Sophos with Adguard, you need to disable Sophos web filtering (or close Adguard) or you can't browse, pages doesn't load. issue from Adguard Github (23 Oct 2015): Test Adguard with Sophos web protection · Issue #388 · AdguardTeam/AdguardForWindows · GitHub
  10. Neuthrone

    Troubleshoot Ubuntu Login black screen then Login Screen loop for a System76 Oryx Pro Laptop

    Hello friends, I recently got the Gnome desktop environment on the Ubuntu Software Center, and I used the gdm and startx command as said by another forum site. Nothing wrong, they said to logout, tried to login again, goes to a black screen and sends me back to the Ubuntu login screen. Tried...