1. J

    Tutorial ArrayList in Java (simple examples and quick tutorial)

    Hello guys, as I said I will talk about ArrayList in Java. ArrayList are a more sophisticated structure than arrays, but they are a bit different than the arrays. When you initialize an ArrayList variable you don't have to specify the length of the ArrayList, it is a flexible data structure...
  2. J

    Tutorial How to start programming in Java (simple and quick tutorial)

    Hello guys, I decided to make this simple and quick tutorial about Java. Java is not very suitable for security development but let's talk about this important language anyway! Java is an Object Oriented Programming language (also called OOP). The "objects" are fundamental when we talk about...
  3. jamescv7

    Q&A Where I can find the complete reference about maps and GPS in making program at Android Studio?

    I've created the question through StackOverflow early on, however I want to extend the possible answers so that to come up a quick solution on our development of Android program. Repost from my Stackoverflow question
  4. advanced_skill

    Q&A SecureAPlus and Java

    When I run Java programs in IntelliJ with SecureAPlus Premium installed, Java takes extra long to parse. (Or is it just me?) This gets really annoying after running a program many times (changing code/debugging). Any fixes?