1. camo7782

    Troubleshoot Kaspersky Rescue Disk

    I have tried to make a new Yumi FDD, I have formatted the old multiboot and made a new one with just KRD, this time it was responsive and performed a scan; however I think it just scanned the booted partition and not my C:\ since the partition size is about 100MB it cant be my HDD, here are some...
  2. harlan4096


    Full info: KAV\KIS\KTS\KFA\KS\KSOS: RC
  3. marcopaone

    Q&A Why does Kaspersky update the database not frequently?

    Hi, It's been known for days now that Kaspersky updates its database a few times a day compared to other competitors. In the photos you can see what I have described, 6 hours and 20 minutes without an update. In this moment 4 hours and 15 minutes without updates. What is your opinion about it...
  4. jn221

    Review Test and Review of Kaspersky Internet Security 2019

    My review of Kaspersky Internet Security 2019 It did fantastic during my 2 week test on it. The first part was Malware Links and it did fantastic it got everything besides one piece of adware but I think it’s a false positive only 4 engines got it on Virus Total but you can decide on that one...
  5. mekelek

    Q&A KIS 2018 1GBit LAN issue

    So I have upgraded to 1Gbit internet today and I was sitting here for a few hours looking at speedtest results way under 200 mbit. Thought it's an issue from my ISP's side, until I decided, for the heck of it, to kill every security suite on my computer. and tadam, got the actual speed...