1. A

    SECURE: Complete AriDFoix's Laptop Security Config 2019

    Hello my friends of Malwaretips, here me laptops security configurator: I don't use a real time AV, even if, I would choose Kaspersky if I need. On my machine I prefer a system restriction policy.
  2. Z

    SECURE: Basic zkSnark Dell Laptop Security Configuration 2019

    This is my current security configurations for Dell laptop.
  3. superboy123

    SECURE: Basic superboy123 laptop config 2019

    This is my config in 2019
  4. inuyasha

    Buying Laptop 3 Laptop Choices

    I'm currently looking for a new laptop to replace my old one (from 2015 running Intel Pentium - I know, horrible right?). I mainly use my laptop for work, streaming movies, skyping and video conferencing. I would also like to be able to use it for gaming so I can play Overwatch and League of...
  5. jackuars

    Which laptop brand do you use? [POLL]

    Three years back I had created a similar thread where 1. HP, 2. ASUS & 3. Acer were the top 3 brands used by MalwareTips members. Let's see how it differs in 2018 :D a. What laptop brand do you currently use? b. How long have you been using the brand? c. What do you think is good about your...
  6. rockstarrocks

    System Specs Rockstarrocks new Workhorse Laptop

    I am not gonna game on it much except some War Thunder (WWII realistic tank/AA/plane battle), which is not very demanding. It's perfect for my budget. Just finished setting up a clean Windows 10 install with all updates, security and other apps installed. Working great and almost no noise at...
  7. Jaspion

    Linux on Dell Inspiron 14R 5437

    I have an Inspiron 14R 5437 laptop running Windows 8.1. I haven't upgraded to Windows 10, and I'm actually thinking of replacing Windows with a Linux distro. My question is: will it work fine? According to the support website for this model, Dell offers no Linux drivers. In fact, Ubuntu 11.10...
  8. StriderHunterX

    Q&A What's the Best HDD Encryption software?

    I've been looking high and low for a HDD encryption software. I want to try it on my personal laptop first,so I could then mount a case for corporate implementation.We have a lot of mobile users that carry sensitive data around and I want to make sure that in any situation(like car...
  9. Myrul Jihyn

    System Specs ACER ASPIRE E5-522

    this is my computer hardware setup. its a laptop so i cant explain more haha sorry for that
  10. BugCode

    System Specs BC's New toy

    Yes, here's my new toy!!! Well earned :p BC like a lot. There are two links where you dear MT members got more info, if you want. I am not hardware nerd i am other things, semi-nerd :)
  11. juhful

    System Specs Juhful's new laptop

    This is my new Laptop, got on sale for $749.99 U.S. Upgraded the RAM to 16gb and the 1TB Toshiba Hybrid HDD to an Evo 850 250gb, so far runs great and stays cool considering the power inside.
  12. D

    Solved Laptop very slow after Windows Update

    My Laptop is a Toshiba Satellite C655-S5049. It does not have many programs installed but since it restarted after a Windows Update it has been painfully slow. pasted FRST and Addition .txt's here as it wont hurry up and upload. FRST.txt ------------------------------------ Scan result of...
  13. S

    Q&A Looking for a New Laptop- Would you Purchase a Thinkpad (Lenovo) after Superfish?

    The GPU died in my current Toshiba laptop (it made it 5-6 yrs). It had an AMD processor and card and got really hot on the bottom, despite ventilation. Screen went black, external monitor can't show it. I am on a 10yr old laptop now, and can't pull any files off the old HDD (I pray the HDD...
  14. advanced_skill

    Q&A Laptop advice

    I have Ubuntu on Lenovo Y50-70 with every feature: 4K, touchscreen, Nvidia 960M, etc. The result? Completely trash. I almost never use touchscreen. Many applications don't work with 4K. Nvidia pretty much broken on Ubuntu, and I never needed it really. 5 lbs. not optimal to carry around. It was...
  15. D

    Q&A Which should i Buy ? (episode 2)

    this is the final thread , so : now my choices are narrowed and result in : ASUS Transformer T200 (with a 500gb additionnal HDD ) = 400 + 60euros or HP 250 G3 = 499euros i will use it in Vietnam, mostly in Coffee shop,