1. Nagisa

    Q&A The way of making Windows as safe as Linux?

    I wonder if this is even possible. A light signature based antivirus + anti-exe + OsArmor. What are the risks that we still have while using this combination? Is there any reason why someone should choose a linux distro to make his/her computer more secure?
  2. U

    Linux Good Linux for Beginners and Low Spec PC?

    I want to replace windows 8 with a linux as i have low specs laptop with Intel pentium dual core, 2GB RAM. Which one will be good for a beginner?
  3. Windows_Security

    SECURE: Complete Windows_Security (linux Lite :-) PC configuration for 2019

    Long story :) PC of older family member died (it looked like a dust burn). Their son asked me whether I could arrange a PC for them temporarely, because he would give his son a new gaming PC. So I put their harddisk in my desktop (Dual Core Pentium G3240 with Samsung 850 SSD), removed my HDD...
  4. ZeroDay

    Android Librem 5 – A Security and Privacy Focused Phone

    Hi, All! Someone in the open-source community told me about this device and gave me the links so I thought I'd share it for those who aren't already aware of it. Quick facts Does not run Google Android Does not run Apple iOS Runs PureOS by default, can run most GNU+Linux distributions...
  5. Aideux

    Q&A How to create/edit plugins for ettercap?

    Hey, Looking to edit/create plugins for Ettercap 0.8.2, but I can't seem to figure out how to accomplish this. More specifically, I want to edit the DoS plugin so I can test a variation of attacks on a closed environment so I can create mitigation techniques. Unfortunately, I'm pretty new to...
  6. S

    You promote Chrome OS, but how does it compare to Windows 10 / macOS for daily use?

    I've seen a few times where Chrome OS is pushed in certain topics, but there's no justified reasons as to why it's better than Windows 10, other than it's less at risk to malware X or vulnerability Y. To those who promote Chrome OS, do you use it as your daily driver? What are the other...
  7. Daljeet

    Solved Evernote client or alternative for GNU/Linux

    I start using the Evernote form long time in Windows but recently I switched to Linux and I don't want to leave or install Windows in laptop again. I need offline notes and In default application gives me ability to view/modify the notes offline. My experience with Nixnote is not good and I'm...
  8. Daljeet

    Themes Celebrate Christmas In Linux Way With These Wallpapers

    All these Linux Christmas wallpapers are created by Mark Riedesel and you can find plenty of other artwork on his website. He has been making such wallpapers almost every year since 2002. Quite understandably some of the earliest wallpapers don’t have modern aspect ratio. I have put them up in...
  9. Thales

    "Mr. Nobody" Officially Joined

    Hi there I've been following the malwaretips for 2 years. Now it was the time to register and join officially. I love the security and encryption over everything and I have been using computer for almost 20 years. After I realizted how weak was my data protection I started to learn more and...
  10. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A Will this be enough security for a Ubuntu machine?

    I was thinking of just using GUFW, a hardened browser, NordVPN, and NordVPN's DNS. Will this be enough to secure my Ubuntu machine? Should I add something?
  11. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A Alternatives to ChromeOS?

    I have been thinking about getting a small lightweight laptop that is cloud based. However, I don't like the spying and censorship of Google. I have looked at Cub Linux, but the website seems to be inactive and unavailable. If Cub Linux doesn't come back, what alternatives are there for ChromeOS?
  12. Handsome Recluse

    How to write ISO image to USB drive in Linux - Tutorial

    A collection of the tools and methods (e.g. Etcher and UNetbootin) you can use to write an image to a USB. This doesn't necessarily just include Linux but Linux people are nerds... This should satisfy most's needs. How to write ISO image to USB drive in Linux - Tutorial Short list to reduce stress.
  13. LukeLovesSecurity

    Why I'm dualbooting Linux with Windows

    At first, I wanted to switch to Linux entirely. But after my research, gaming on linux just wont work for me. Many of the games I normally play on PC either are not available on Linux, or don't work anywhere near as well. I decided to use Ubuntu as my main OS, but for whenever I want to game, I...
  14. T

    Why did I hug a penguin?

    About six or seven years ago I discovered Linux, :cool: with it, I come and go for seasons, delusion and disappointment for days. However, for my Windows has been like a wife that I have occasionally cheated with Linux, a fresher, more smiling and demanding woman, but a really nice company. ;)...
  15. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A Is my firewall working? (GUFW)

    I am using GUFW, but when I check the status on ufw in the terminal, it says it is active and it is denying incoming, allowing outgoing. So far so good. However, right after that, it says "disabled (routed)". What does that mean? Thanks in advance.
  16. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A ClamTK vs ESET: Who has the better detection ratio? (Linux)

    I am looking to switch to Ubuntu, and one of my concerns is security. I know Ubuntu itself is secure, and I've seen videos on how to use GUFW, AppArmor, and Firejail. However, I want a scanner for peace of mind, and because I'm kinda paranoid. It has come down to two antivirus options. Since I...
  17. LukeLovesSecurity

    Q&A Switching to Ubuntu: How do I secure it?

    I will be using Ubuntu in a VM till I learn the basics. When I get the hang of it, I think I'm going to make the switch. I am aware about the UFW and GUFW, but what else can I implement? What is the best scanner? Sophos, Clam, ESET? And what 0 day protection can I use? Thanks in advance.