1. ebocious

    Q&A Consumer Next-Gen AV for Mac?

    There aren't a lot of players in the Mac security market to begin with, and even fewer products in the next-gen/AI/default deny categories. SentinelOne and Cylance offer consumer products, whereas CrowdStrike and Carbon Black apparently do not. I'm interested to know about people's experiences...
  2. D

    Q&A The Truth About Machine Learning In Cybersecurity: Defense

    Read more here Then How Cybercriminals can use Machine Learning (2nd part of the series) Read more here
  3. frogboy

    Perception and reality: The role of AI and automated cyber defenses

    Executives in the U.S. and Europe now place broad trust in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning systems, designed to protect organizations from more dynamic pernicious cyber threats, according to Radware. How do executives prioritize security? Each year, Radware publishes the...
  4. Faybert

    Q&A Does anyone know which antivirus programs use machine learning?

    Hello everyone, I would like to know which antivirus that uses machine learning, and also the advantages and disadvantages (if any) of this technology, thanks in advance :)
  5. Winter Soldier

    Using machine learning to secure identity and access management systems

    We’ve been losing the war on cybercrime for some time. Research firm Forrester reports over a billion accounts stolen in 2016 alone, and these data breaches are going up, not down. We are having to wade through more incident data, and people cannot keep up. Could machine learning help solve the...
  6. Windows_Security

    Testdrive X from Invincea - brilliant campaign to try out X (on hosted VM)

    The X by Invincea Test Drive Program allows you to access your own version of X in a virtual environment. The test drive is an opportunity to break stuff, just not your own.So video enthusiasts en members not having a VM, this is your chance to put invincea X (next gen solution) to the test. I...
  7. S

    Update Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Download Data Sheet (PDF): https://www.symantec.com/content/dam/symantec/docs/data-sheets/endpoint-protection-14-en.pdf Symantec’s global intelligence network of 175 million endpoints and our advanced machine learning technologies allow you to detect threats more accurately. Advanced machine...
  8. S

    Nightmare Machine

    WARNING: IMAGES ON THIS WEBSITE ARE GENERATED BY DEEP LEARNING ALGORITHMS AND MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL USERS. They contain scary content. Enter the NIGHTMARE MACHINE Horror imagery generated by artificial intelligence. Enter Site View Tower Bridge Animation GIF
  9. S

    Google How Assistant replaces OK Google, Google Now and Now on Tap

    Hiding within Google's new Allo messenger is one intriguing feature that was demoed at I/O this year: Assistant. Since the announcement and even now that Allo is accessible to many, there's been a lot of confusion about what this Assistant is, where it works, where it doesn't, what it's capable...
  10. S

    Yahoo releases 13.5TB of Web Browsing Data

    "The "Yahoo News Feed dataset" incorporates anonymous browsing habits of 20 million users between February and May of 2015 across a variety of Yahoo properties, […]. All told, the data set is a whopping 13.5TB and covers 110 billion unique interaction "events." Yahoo calls it the "largest...