1. S

    Q&A What do you think about machine learning?

    Hello. It seems malware is exponentially evolving. I was reading something about APT, fileless sample and advanced malware. Do you think the traditional approach: BB, signatures can compete on that, or machine learning will be the way?
  2. steel9

    Q&A Do you consider it safe to test malware in a VM on your normal computer?

    I am interested in starting testing malware in a virtualized environment. Not only static analysis, but also executing the samples. From what I've read it should be pretty safe as long as you're using an up-to-date version of the VM software (VirtualBox in my case), read-only shared folders only...
  3. steel9

    Do you consider it safe to test malware on your main PC in a VM with VPN?

    I know you should set the network adapter to NAT for the VM for the VPN on the host machine to work on the VM. But do you consider it safe (to test malware on your main PC (with antivirus) in a VM, with VPN), considering that some (yet) unknown exploit might allow the malware to escape to the...
  4. Parsh

    System Specs Parsh's DELLY Driver

    That's it! My optimal daily driver and gaming lappy. Extras added Dual Gaming Joysticks with max vibrations (won at programming event) :D iBall Woofers (common to home PC, connect for gaming only) GoFreeTech Wireless Mouse
  5. Coffeeman

    System Specs Glamdring

    This is my main video editing machine and some photo editing, mainly and mostly in Lightroom. The video is dslr FHD videos and the tool I use is Premiere Pro CC. It does a great job and I have to say that I do not render videos. And also my primary gaming machine. Yes, it does play play some of...
  6. D

    System Specs Tornado's Gaming PC

    Well, here's my gaming machine... Nothing much more to say :)