1. T

    Ransomware infected my PC

    I've encountered the same problem as the before one and I don't know how I got into this. The extension type which encrypted my files are "DOPLES" as you can see in the picture. I found this out when my windows started crashing time to time and Since I've installed new version of windows I...
  2. frogboy

    Malware Alert Hackers Hijack Ongoing Email Conversations to Insert Malicious Documents

    A group of hackers is using a sophisticated technique of hijacking ongoing email conversations to insert malicious documents that appear to be coming from a legitimate source and infect other targets participating in the same conversational thread. This type of attack relies on hackers...
  3. frogboy

    Security Alert Recently Patched Flash Bug Can Leak Windows Credentials

    Earlier this week, Adobe patched a vulnerability in Flash Player that allows an attacker to use malicious Flash files to leak Windows credentials. The security issue is tracked under the CVE-2017-3085 identifier and affects Flash Player versions from up to, running on...
  4. Eduardodudu

    New BOTNET

    I use Cisco Umbrella, I was analysing some statistics and I found a botnet that was blocked. So I went to VirusTotal and none antivirus detected this threat. I'm not a native english speaker so I hope you can understand.
  5. frogboy

    Security Alert ESET: Millions of Net Users Possibly Exposed to Malicious Malvertising Campaign

    Researchers from ESET have warned that millions of internet users visiting popular news sites over the past few months may have been exposed to a malicious malvertising campaign. The firm says that the cyber-criminals behind the campaign have been, since as least the beginning of October...
  6. Nikos751

    Wise Cleaner reliability

    A long time ago, I was searching for a good cleaner for Windows, and saw that many members here used WiseDisk Cleaner. I have been using it for a long time since then and as far as it's usage is concerned, it seems ok. One day, some months ago, I downloaded an updated version from the official...
  7. Jeremy96

    Can't get rid of malware using listed tools

    Hello everybody! I'm new to this forum and i would like some help with my malware issue. You see, ever since i used BitTorrent to torrent Fallout 4 on my laptop and desktop, i've been having manny problems regarding malware. As listed in the symptons; my browser wil take me to different...
  8. J

    Brazilian Trojan Conceals Malicious Code in PNG Image

    Security researchers at Kaspersky Lab have discovered a new piece of malware that uses a PNG (Portable Network Graphics) image to hide malicious code. The malware is distributed by email in a clean PDF, which includes a link to a .zip file that contains the malicious image, along with other...
  9. Av Gurus

    Big-name sites hit by rash of malicious ads spreading crypto ransomware

    Mainstream websites, including those published by The New York Times, the BBC, MSN, and AOL, are falling victim to a new rash of malicious ads that attempt to surreptitiously install crypto ransomware and other malware on the computers of unsuspecting visitors, security firms warned. The...