1. D

    Solved Malware/Trojan some type of Hosts Hijack

    I downloaded some files last week and as soon as I opened it junk started popping up on my desktop. I'm getting browser redirects and some aspects of windows are not functioning correctly or even functioning at all. I've tried to remove this myself with no luck.
  2. H

    Runtime error at 46:134 could not call proc while uninstalling Malwarebytes

    I am not able to run malwarebytes or uninstall it and its causing unexpected store exception on my laptop frequently
  3. idunno

    How do I get rid of Malware.Heuristic!ET (rdm+)?

    Can someone also tell me how to get the frst log? So I can provide more information
  4. MissSmartyPants

    Trovi, Groovirio, IStart123, About:

    Can you please help remove this malware? I have attached FRST and Addition Files. Thank You!
  5. L

    Malware removal?

    So ever since dec 12, my computer would have slowdowns and the malware would attempt to redirect me to sites. Kaspersky blocks the redirect, and its a different website almost every time. I remember installing ummy youtube video downloader (suspicious I know), but when looking at the site and...
  6. E


    I am lost. I can't even find it in my registry. Can you help? I did read through the preview thing and turned on notifications! Also where can I find out how to stop this from happening?
  7. TwinHeadedEagle

    Staff Note [MANDATORY] Preparation Guide Before Requesting Malware Removal Help

    Hi and welcome to MalwareTips Malware Removal Forum. If you are reading this, then you are probably seeking help or feel infected. Over 5000 topics have been posted in this forum and most of them have reached a successful conclusion. All instructions are very simple and you need only basic...